Bridge at Laredo

The shop itself was an esthetic experience, approached by using a pink stucco courtyard draped with raisin where we’re able to hear our footsteps. Going into we found a silent, well-lighted interior, like a museum but a more friendly, where every object was affordable.

After shopping for an hour we proceeded to go to the Cadillac Club down the street and drank freshly made limeades from tall glasses at a polished granite tavern underneath a ceiling recognized on stone columns. A group of Mexican business people dined at a long table nearby. No signal of drug barons. Sooner or later, we said goodbye to the bar manager and made our way for the bridge. Outside a march was forming.

The Conveniente Navidad parade in Revolucionario Laredo is held yearly during the week before Christmas. While we’d recently been shopping, marching bands from many parts of the region had assembled in Plaza Juarez at reporte de puentes. At 4 p. m. they arranged off down Avenue Militar. The musicians were typically young, everyone seemed to know each other, their uniforms didn’t always fit well, the background music was out of track, and the marchers happen to be not worried about being in dexterity. But it didn’t subject because the whole show was magnificent. Back in North America, we watch our bands in a stadium, we buy our lemonades in a drive-through, and we shop for clothing in a shopping center. Here in Mexico we could do all 3 on the crowded city avenue. Here, life is the spectacle. How uncomplicated, We thought, and how amazingly pleasant.

There is something to be said for finding pleasure in the everyday, because the main things in life turn away to be quite simple: people, relationships, the darkness of oak leaves on the pavement, the fun of youngsters, the sound of a trumpet in a city. Simple pleasures that seem to be hard to find on the other area of the border come easily in Nuevo Laredo.

At six in the afternoon almost all of the traffic going north on the bridge was pedestrian. The Mexican government at reporte de puentes internacionales had built awnings to shade the sidewalk on the passage, and I imagined what a difference shade tends to make on a hot summertime day. We crossed the international border, through a serious U. S. Practices hall, and climbed the hill beneath thousands of blackbirds on the phone wiring above us. How easily birds can cross the border. How complex it is for humans. My spouse and i felt totally refreshed to obtain visited a culture so simple yet so abundant.

Ironically, many people in Nuevo Laredo puente internacional would choose to stay in Laredo if they did. And much of what I respected about the simplicity and richness of Nuevo Laredo is actually the consequence of its relative lower income. Sadly, one of the consequences of poverty is drug trafficking. Yet what we should brought back from South america was profoundly legal: the simple excitement from the everyday.

The pleasure we experienced in Forma Laredo a year before is harder to come by now. In January of this year, your Texas warned its residents not to visit South america. In Nuevo Laredo, the “Cadillac Bar, ” in business for more than 50 years, closed along numerous other restaurants that served vacationers and locals. “Marti’s, inch the gallery of Philippine craft and material culture, is moving north to San Antonio.

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