1883 Trailer: The Dutton Family’s Origin Story of Yellowstone Is Full of Bloody Gunfights, F-Bombs, and Scruffy Tim McGraw

While Yellowstone fans are currently waiting to see what the future holds for John Dutton and his clan of breeders and family members who get around the law, Paramount+ is preparing to shine a light on the Y’s epic origin story rach, with country music icons Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as the 1883 the ancestors headlining the prequel. Although we’ve already seen largely dialogue-free promotion for the new show, the video above is the first full trailer for Taylor Sheridan’s latest TV creation, so check it out!

Already, 1883 promised to be a series primed and ready for a Yosemite Sam cameo, and that view certainly wasn’t upset by the full trailer, in which Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, Billy Bob Thornton and more could all being live representations of the varmint-hunting cowboy. Not that anything in the history of the Dutton family seems ripe for looney tunes, but it’s definitely a vibe, as seen in the image below. (Which also includes co-stars LaMonica Garrett of Arrowverse fame and Marc Rissmann of The Last Kingdom.)

james dutton and other cowboys queuing in 1883

(Image credit: Paramount+)

While fans might think McGraw’s James and Faith Hill’s Margaret Dutton would be the main characters in 1883, it looks like Isabel May’s Elsa will play as big a role in the story as anyone else. The way the trailer lays it out, it’s not immediately clear if she’s going on a journey with them early on, or meeting James along the way. Either way, it looks like she’s going to be at the heart of the violence, but how much will she influence it? That remains to be seen. But you know if she wonders why James is brandishing a gun, that gun will be part and parcel of some mayhem later on.

There’s a brief glimpse of John Dutton Sr., as portrayed in his youth by Audie Rick, but I don’t know how much of a storyline he will play in the early days of the Duttons’ journey. Obviously he will continue to grow and spawn some of the family members in Yellowstone good, so we probably don’t have to worry about him getting caught in one of those shootouts or getting trampled by horses. Although considering what Kevin Costner’s John has been through in his four seasons, anything is possible if there is pain.

It’s unclear what guest star Billy Bob Thornton’s character does, beyond being a deadly sniper, or why he apparently teams up with Sam Elliott’s Shea Brennan and sidekick Thomas in the middle. of the city with James Dutton. But I would definitely prefer him to be on the side of the protagonists rather than the other side of things. Although the actor’s temporary involvement may not bode well for the character’s fate.

For those who haven’t watched Yellowstone Season 4, the first handful of episodes contained direct and indirect ties to 1883. In the first episode, a flashback took viewers to 1893, ten years after the prequel began, with McGraw’s James Dutton making a deal with a group of natives. Given how turbulent those interpersonal relationships seemed in the trailer above, it’s safe to assume that a modicum of peace was set in motion at some point in the years that followed. As far as indirect references go, Taylor Sheridan’s hilarious horse trainer Travis directly wished he was Sam Elliott in his Relay days, but with Patrick Swayze’s hair.

Find out how it’s all going to be – or how it’s already been – when 1883 debuts on Paramount+ on Sunday, December 19, with the first two episodes also simulcasting linearly on Paramount Network following new episodes of Yellowstone. I can’t wait to see how the latter’s former recurring actor, Martin Sensmeier, will show up in the prequel in some presumably unrelated way.

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