2 women say Indian policeman in Singapore divorced after taking dowry

Both marriages were registered in Singapore. (Representative)


An Indian-born police officer is being investigated in Singapore over allegations of dowry worth thousands of dollars to marry two women and then divorce them, but without returning any money or d valuables, according to a media report.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police (ASP) of the Singapore Police Force, Mohamed Rafeek Abdul Kader, however, denied the allegations and claimed that the families of his ex-wives were only out to tarnish his reputation and get more money. of him, The Straits Times newspaper reported. Thursday.

He is accused of taking dowries worth thousands of dollars to marry the two women, then divorcing them, but not returning any money or valuables, according to the report.

A police spokesman said the officer was assisting in the investigations.

A local Tamil Nadu media reported that Rafeek married Thaslema, an Indian citizen, in 2014 and received 150 jewels and a watch worth Rs 500,000 (SGD 8,900) in dowry.

The report alleged that the officer sent Thaslema back to India days after their marriage and filed for divorce without returning the dowry.

Rafeek, however, said they married in Singapore in 2016 and divorced in 2017.

“After our divorce, Thaslema took over the dowry and moved back to India, where she is now happily married with one child,” he claimed.

According to the outlet, Rafeek married his second wife, Ameer Nisha, also an Indian citizen, in 2020.

He reportedly received 101 jewels, a Rolex watch, a platinum ring and Rs 2,81,765 (SGD 5,000) in cash.

The family of the second wife claimed that he again filed for divorce shortly after getting married and did not return the dowry.

Rafeek also denied this. He said he filed for divorce in 2021, which was only finalized earlier this year.

Both of his marriages were registered in Singapore, he said.

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