5 Iconic Franchises Recurring Fun with New Content, Neighborhood Actions, and Gross Sales

To be effective, five iconic franchises have milestone anniversaries with six weeks of latest content releases, local action, and sports discounts. From Microsoft Flight Simulator to Forza Horizon, each franchise – all of them defining the genre – has taken us around the world or merged us into the nuclear wasteland. We’ve seen major action from each franchise so new and old lovers can have a great time. If you want more information, please dial up to each segment.

Fallout 25th anniversary.

Humanity has come a long way since avid gamers were introduced to the post-nuclear world of Fallout in 1998. Please make an appointment for the Fallout party with special occasions, community giveaways, and a year of merchandise.

October 4

  • Fallout 76 free play will take place on October 4, 11, 11, and 11.
  • Fallout 25’s anniversary begins today.
  • Quick Quiz To find out where you belong in the wild; or, the places where you belong belong to nature; or, it’s a neo fun event!

October 10

  • Enjoy the sport that started all the time in 1997. Fallout 1 turns 25!
  • Fallout 25 Shorts Retrospectives celebrating 25 years of Fallout are included in the Fallout movie.
  • You can play Spotify on Fallout 25.

October 11

  • Fallout Refuge is celebrating the 25th anniversary with new content, quests, dwellers, and more.

October 18

  • Our friends at Vault-Tec have a Fallout in Design Lab.

October 25

  • Scorched returns to Appalachia until November 8.

The 10th anniversary of Forza Horizon has been celebrated.

The Horizon Pageant in Colorado introduced Forza Horizon on October 23, 2012 to international car and song fans on October 23, 2012. As its 10-12 month anniversary approaches, playground video games will be having a good time with the city ​​of Forza: the time has come.

October 6

  • Sing along in the Forza Live Streams starting at 9am PT on the Twitch and YouTube channels to examine everything that’s coming to Forza Horizon 5 fast as the band shows off the historical past and the evolution of the collection.

October 11

  • Forza Horizon 5: Horizon 10-12 Month Anniversary replaces on Xbox, Windows and Steam, and, once again, enjoy the original and long-running game release, Battle of The Dark Time mode and more.
  • Get a close look at some must-have discounts on the Microsoft Store starting October 11 and on Steam from October 13-24. With up to 67% off Forza Horizon 4 and 30% off Forza Horizon 5.

October 13

  • The Pageant Playlist, on October 13, celebrates forty-five years of anniversary-themed celebrations. Every occasion demands a different approach and rewards with an introductory presentation to Forza Horizon.

Dishonorable 10th anniversary of those at that time.

This month is about celebrating your, our passionate gamers. You are of the opinion that Dishonored is so famous that they were grateful. Give us a chance to win 10 years of this award-winning franchise. Share your memories with #Dishonored 10 and join us on our social media for gifts and souvenirs. Watch Arkane Outsiders on Discord and continue the dialogue!

October 7

  • When Harvey Smith and Dinga Bakaba exchange new information about Dishonored and Deathloop during Nelson’s main podcast, focus on the subject.

October 9

  • Download our new birthday party wallpaper.
  • The Dishonored calendar will be filled with your Microsoft Rewards card.

October 18

  • Take a look at our Impressed Controller via Dishonored from Microsoft 365.

October 20

21st of October

  • Buy everything for the Arkane Studio.

In reality, from the crumbling cobbled streets of Dunwall to the colorful shores of Karnaca, you’ve been chosen to return to the adventure side.

Age of Empires 25th Anniversary.

October 25

  • Listen to the Age of Empires 25th Anniversary Global Broadcast at 10:00 a.m. PT on Twitch.tv/Xbox, AgeofEmpires.com, the Age of Empires YouTube Channel, or the Red Bull Gaming YouTube Channel for various newsletters, interviews with the band, and fun surprises.
  • Play the brand new Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition, Recreation Cross for PC and Microsoft Retailer, which includes two new civilizations, the Ottoman and the Malian, plus 8 new maps, two new biomes, new names, new hints, And much more. As a result, the current edition of Age of Empires IV gets the full replacement anniversary free, including Ottomans and Malians, new mastery demanding situations, contemporary achievements, new maps, and two new biomes to discover. and to conquer.
  • Within twelve months of release, there’s no time right now to get started, come back to choose what’s new, or do your best in new techniques.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary.

November 11th

  • The 40th Anniversary Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available on November 11, 2022 and will be able to present, in the current phase of the year, helicopters and gliders, the latest with the highest expectations in our neighborhood. This version presents an airliner to the most expensive Airbus A-31 in the world, where only if all these unmarried buttons work as expected.
  • We’re celebrating aviation’s historic past by creating a seven well-known vintage aircraft for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 40thAnniversary release. These aircraft include the 1903 Wright Flyer, the 1915 Curtiss JN-4 Jenny, the 1927 Ryan NYP Spirit of St. Louis, the 1935 Douglas DC-3, the 1937 Grumman G-21 Goose, the Havilland DHC- 2 Beavers from 1947, and the 1947 Hughes H-4 Hercules (the largest and greatest picket flight ever made).
  • The new includes 4 new airports. Meigs Box in Chicago is the second largest departure airport for the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise.
  • It’s a true replacement for celebrating our neighborhood, our historic past and the beauty of aviation.

Thanks again to all of our friends who helped out with the celebration. Check out all the movies that took part in the celebration here and on Xbox.com.


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