7 Hidden Details In Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

The surprising collaboration between Koei Tecmo’s Team Ninja and Square Enix has produced Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, a prequel and retelling of the first game in the series. An attempt to answer all the questions left behind by the original all those years ago, such as what happened to the Lufenians, a time-traveling civilization that has long since disappeared at the start of the original.

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Stranger of Paradise is understood as an homage to the series, with callbacks and references, both overt and hidden, everywhere you look. We’ll cover a bit of everything endgame related here, including Anima and Chaos difficulty.


seven Search among the hidden

If there’s one thing this game teaches you, it’s that if you fall into the traps of the Dark Abyss, you’re dead. No ifs, ands, or buts. However, what if you were told that there are hidden paths within the abyss, would you jump? Moving walls in the Memories of Earth mission will push you back if you don’t destroy them in time. What if you let the second wall win the fight? You might find a secret room inside this abyss he is pushing you towards.

Whether it’s treasure, items, or monsters, there are just the right number of nooks and crannies inside the various dungeons worth checking out carefully. You never know if you’ll find something that will help you outrun that boss you’re struggling with.

6 Experimenting with end-game gear

Once you clear the main game, you unlock the chaos difficulty, which allows you to get much better gear drops than on the other difficulties and deepens the customization with the gear you get. Chaos mode is essential if you want to create an affinity for two jobs at once.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much story in the end game, so all you can really do is work and max out your gear to fight each of the big baddies on Chaos difficulty. There’s an upside, as the DLC is planned, so now’s a great time to prepare for all the new monsters and encounters you’ll be facing.

5 Anima crystals aren’t just for missions

Chaos Mode levels require Anima Crystals in order to unlock harder difficulties with each level, which makes Anima worthy of the name. You can of course unlock new missions and higher levels for them, but another useful way to use crystals is to level up your jobs.

Don’t feel like you have to complete each level individually either – if you think your skills are up to snuff, feel free to try a higher difficulty than you currently have. If you succeed, you will not only receive the rewards for that level, but also for each difficulty you skipped to complete that level. This is handy for getting multiple rewards at once.

4 Don’t sleep on the paladin job

It’s safe to say that most people who have played Stranger of Paradise have tried many versions and found their favorites – completely understandable. However, you might not want to sleep on some of the more defensive builds.

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Take Paladin, for example: sure, it’s mostly good for maintaining your HP and for defense, but the Holy Fang move shouldn’t be overlooked. While it’s good for keeping your HP replenished, you shouldn’t wait to use it until your health is low, but use it when you have a good amount of HP. When you do, Holy Fang gains a passive damage bonus when you have a full HP bar. You’re basically a walking tank that heals itself.

3 Don’t skip too many chaos levels

Naturally, this information seems counterintuitive to what you’ve read about level skipping previously. This part remains true. If you attempt to skip more than six levels (or if six levels are lower than the base level for this mission), you will incur a penalty and the results will be quite severe.

First, you’ll need a lot more to break enemies’ gauge, while simultaneously you’ll become extremely fragile and easily broken. While technically doable if you’re careful, exercising a bit of restraint while trying to grind what you need will be faster in the long run. Patience is a conquering virtue, after all.

2 The Lufenian connection

The Lufenians are a big part of the Strangers of Paradise story, as they are the ones who control the world and its chaotic energies (at least to some degree), from which they can harvest incoming energies to power their home. and idyllic version of paradise. They were in the original Final Fantasy of course, as some sort of refugee who was kicked out of their home by the Sky Fiend. But there is also another one connection they have that stems from another Final Fantasy spin-off title: Dissidia. Energy transfer and collection? Check. Reset the world and ultimately cause harm to harness said energy? Check and check.

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In Dissidia, Shinryu is a force that has made a pact with the Lufenian Cid, as well as the characters Cosmos and Chaos, to manage a way home. The pact locked Cosmos and Chaos in a battle spanning eternities, with each battle ending in a reset of the warriors involving the loss of their memories to feed Shinryu. Theorists have hypothesized that the same Shinryu is the catalyst for both games.

1 Remember Lightbringer Mode in Endgame

When working on your dungeons, the gameplay can sometimes take a bit of a rhythmic form: block, dodge, swing, and repeat. Maybe after about ten hours you might forget a mechanic or two, and that’s okay. Lightbringer is a mode that gives you damage and a boost but requires at least two bars of MP to activate.

Additionally, some jobs have an affinity with Lightbringer, such as the basic saber or the advanced Berserker job, which will further improve the berserker’s ability to break damage. Additionally, it serves as an alternate Soul Burst, provided your enemy’s health is at zero. It sounds like a common-sense mechanic to remember while playing, but in the heat of battle, you never know when you’ll forget it.

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