A young rock actor shares the hilarious origin of his friendship with Dwayne Johnson

Young Rock Guest star Adam Ray shares the hilarious story of his friendship with Dwayne Johnson. In recent years, Johnson might be best known as a certified action star and one of Hollywood’s most bankable talents. But viewers got more detailed looks at the superstar’s WWE time as The Rock for the NBC sitcom Young Rock, which focuses on Johnson’s life and career. To tell this story more fully, the series brought in multiple artists to portray some of WWE’s most memorable characters.


Ray, who joined Young Rock season 1 as WWE’s Vince McMahon, had a potentially tough part to break into. McMahon is uniquely connected to WWE, both on-screen and off, and whoever took on the role would face comparisons over how well he matched the real persona. The actor and comedian has acquitted himself well, recurring in eight episodes of the series so far. And, as Ray says, he had a unique way of getting along with Johnson off camera, too.

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During an interview on the Inside You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast, Ray opened up about how he came up with the idea to poke fun at how quickly Goop’s Gwyneth Paltrow scented candles were selling. He thought of someone who might be the male equivalent, deciding to tag The Rock in a joke post about scented ball candles. In the quote, which has been transcribed below, Ray revealed The Rock responded to Ray’s playful post – and his response was pretty awesome.

So, I see an article or headline saying Gwyneth Paltrow was selling candles that smell like her vagina, right? It was a company called goop, right? And I was like, ‘well, who’s the male equivalent of that? And who wants scented ball candles? So it was like – oh, you know, when I posted the thing. And I never tagged people, but I tagged The Rock and I was like, ‘hey, you move, man. Like, they’re going to sell them. Like, you know, equality. You have to sell the bulk. Go for it. Yankee Doodle Candle Company. No matter. And then I started it just as a joke. And it was really – just the whole post being like “like the world we live in is funny where she did that, and they sold out and people want them”.

The main thing was like, ‘this is crazy, life is crazy.’ And so I start getting all these messages like, ‘How do you know The Rock?’ I was like, ‘Oh, everyone knows The Rock. And then I looked at the post. And he had commented on it. [He wrote]: ‘Brother, I tried to light scented ball candles. But I keep burning my dick on the wax. And then he just made a joke. And then when he followed me and then we just started keeping in touch.

Ray says from there he auditioned as Vince McMahon and got the part. That’s no surprise given that, as Ray demonstrates in the Rosenbaum interview, he’s great at impressions. It shone a lot when he impersonated Jay Leno perfectly for Pam and Tommy. The actor explained how welcoming and open Johnson was, always ready to listen and give his point of view.

Still, it’s funny to think that the friendship started from a pretty well-executed response by WWE’s legendary grappler. It’s also a change of pace from Young Rock season 3, which Ray has confirmed will see his version of Vince McMahon return to offer crucial career advice to Johnson. Hopefully, if the sitcom continues to delve into The Rock’s run as a wrestler, it will find ways to more freely tap into the humor that inadvertently helped land him a major role.

Source: Inside You with Michael Rosenbaum

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