Activities to make the Easter egg special!

by: Janye Killelea

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CHICAGO, IL – Easter is right around the corner, which means many parents are looking for ways to make the festive egg special for their little bunnies.

Decorating, chasing and throwing eggs are traditional Easter activities, but the co-founders of Family environment recently shared new egg-quoting ideas with WGN News Now for kids of all ages.

Kelli Gillespie and Mei Ling Nazar recommend the activities below for families and discussed each in detail with WGN News Now’s Christine Flores in the video above.

  • Become a handyman: Have fun for Easter– simple craft ideas using all kinds of media, including free printables and free coloring sheets too
  • Edible Art: Cookie Painting themed shortbread cookies that you decorate with water-based paint palettes and then eat
  • Custom patches — personalize your pouches, bags, suitcases and more with fun patches
  • Passover projects — a box with 8 activities to help your family better understand the holidays, origami plagues to make the sedar more fun

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