Arts and cultural activities planned for targeted communities in Mansfield

This includes offering regular and “sustained” activities in areas like Portland, Ladybrook and Bull Farm, Oak Tree, Bellamy and Warsop, and focusing on skills and career programs for residents.

Other targeted communities could include children in care, people with special educational needs and disabilities, and people targeted by gender-based violence.

It is part of the authority’s plan to become a national holding organization, an arts and cultural operation that follows the goals set by the National Arts Council.

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Mansfield Museum on Leeming Street.

If successful in a bid, due to be submitted next month, Mansfield Council expects to receive around £560,000 from the Arts Council each year from 2023-26 to provide a range of targeted services.

The authority has set out eight projects it would target if successful with its NPO bid, which also include an “active learning” platform, workforce development, conservation projects and a environmental program.

It also includes projects to increase the creative quality and ambition of the neighborhood and to ensure “long-term sustainability” of the community’s artistic and cultural offering.

Sian Booth, manager of cultural services at Mansfield Council, says Mansfield is a “priority location” for the Arts Council because of a “historic low level of investment in the arts” and low cultural outreach.

She said at the last board review and review meeting: “Mansfield is really in the spotlight and this is our opportunity to pick up that national portfolio.

“It builds on the existing programs we already have here, creating a strong and sustainable pipeline of top creative talent at Mansfield.”

She said it will seek to improve the Mansfield Museum’s collection of works and art, including “very rare and special natural history”, and will target environmental sustainability.

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David Evans, head of the authority’s health and communities council, said the NPO project will focus on more than the existing facilities at the museum and the nearby Palace Theater on Leeming Street.

He said, “It’s about bringing culture and the arts outside the four walls of the theater and the museum.

“We recognize that many people will never engage in arts and culture by going to museums or theaters – they never, ever will.

“So it’s a question of what else we can do to enable them to engage in it.

“It gives us the opportunity to do just that because it gives us the financial clout to explore some of these projects and make a difference.”

The council will submit its nonprofit application to the Arts Council by the May 18 deadline.

A monitoring group will be set up and monitored by the existing monitoring and review committee, assessing how the organization meets its Arts Council objectives and spends the funds.

There is currently another NPO in Mansfield – Inspire Youth Arts, based at the Old Library, also on Leeming Street in the town centre, and run by Nottinghamshire County’s Inspire organisation.

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