Atlantic’s Sampson wins Super Bull contest at Iowa State Fair

Craig Salcup and second place Super Bull “Chubbs”.

An animal raised on a farm in the Atlantic region has won the title of “Super Bull” at the Iowa State Fair. Sampson is a three-year-old Red Angus bull who weighed 2,893 pounds.

Sampson grew up on Alan and Brenda Zellmer’s farm near the Atlantic. Twenty-two-year-old Gage Zellmer, Brenda and Alan’s son, says the family was surprised at how much Sampson was growing and how fast.

“Honestly, what happened was we ran him with younger bulls that we were trying to fatten up, and we kind of lost track of him. Suddenly we realized “Holy Cow”, it’s huge. So we decided to lure him in and really start ramping him up and decided to try the Super Bull deal. said. Gage says it takes a lot of time and food to make such a huge bull.

You wouldn’t think it would be easy to drive an animal that weighs more than a VW Beetle, but Gage says he was kind enough once he got used to the idea – but he can be determined .

He says they broke him to lead two months ago after he had some doubts, but he got used to it straight away. “The only thing about it — if he wants to go somewhere — he’s going there. You don’t change your mind,” Zellmer says. Sampson is the biggest bull the Zellmers have ever bred. It is also the first major prize the family has won at the State Fair.

The large purple ribbon will hang in the family office. Agriculture has been in the blood of the Zellmer family. Alan Zellmer has been farming alone since he was 14 years old. Sampson’s future plans are uncertain at this point. “I don’t know, I guess we really didn’t talk about it, we didn’t know if we were going to win or not. There was another competitor there who had a very, very, very big bull that, in our opinion, was maybe going to beat us,” Zellmer explains. “So we really didn’t talk about it to be honest, we didn’t talk about it. He hasn’t been to McDonald’s yet.

You can see Sampson at the Iowa State Fair in the barn near the Livestock Pavilion, until the last day of the fair on August 23. Look for the sign out front, which says “Super Bull”.

A Prescott bull named “Chubbs”, finished in second place at 2,652 pounds

(Reporting by Ric Hansen, KJAN, Atlantic / photo courtesy of Iowa State Fair)

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