Axie Infinity price continues its upward trend as Origin promises players free Axies

  • The developers of Axie Infinity have unveiled Origin, an all-new combat experience that gives players three free Axies.
  • According to the latest announcement, the Alpha test version of Origin could hit the markets by the end of March 2022.
  • Analysts have a bullish outlook for Axie Infinity’s price.

Axie Infinity’s latest update to make the in-game economy more inclusive is offering free Axies to players. The Origin release is highly anticipated for its vast onboarding experience and opening up the metaverse game to mainstream gamers.

Axie Infinity Price Climbs After Origin Launch Announcement

The new version of Axie Infinity promises users a whole new interface, special effects, and free starter Axies to recruit family and friends into the community. Sky Mavis, the developers of Axie Infinity, want to open play-to-earn play to a wider audience.

The release is not yet finalized and the release of the game will be completed before the end of the first quarter of 2022. The Alpha launch window would offer developers the opportunity to refine the game before the release of the final version. Origin would not offer SLP or AXS rewards in the Alpha phase; Additionally, an official launch would reset all trainer progress and resources.

Season 0 would follow the alpha phase closely, implementing feedback from the test window through to the final release. SLP revenue would shift from Battles v2 to Origin. Battles v2 would run alongside Season 0 and stop once the transition is complete.

Proponents believe the launch of Origin could act as a positive catalyst for Axie Infinity’s price. The metaverse gaming token started a price rally posting gains of 4%. FXStreet analysts assessed Axie Infinity’s price trend and noted that the gaming token’s drop below $55 indicates that it is in a bear market.

Analysts say the composite level, seen as an early sign of a trend turn, has hit new all-time lows for consecutive weeks. This indicator implies that the price of Axie Infinity could turn around and enter a rally.

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