Axie Infinity Price Set To Explode With Origin Launch, Active Users On The Platform Are Exploding

  • The Origin launch of Axie Infinity has reached new milestones in terms of existing users and network activity.
  • The Origin Launch Party went live today, engaging players and the Axie Infinity community for the entire week.
  • Analysts have predicted a rally in Axie Infinity’s price, believing the long-term bullish projection with a target of $60.46 to be valid.

The launch of Axie Infinity Origin, a card battle that players can play for free, was a highly anticipated event in the community. Origin’s launch fueled a bullish narrative among investors.

Axie Infinity prepares to break and resume the uptrend

Axie Infinity’s price is on track to recover from the recent setback as the project announces the launch of Origin. The community has been waiting for Origin to launch for weeks since it offers players free access to card battles.

The launch of Origin increased the number of active Axie Infinity users to 413,589, a considerable spike over the past week. Today, the team behind Axie Infinity fielded one of the biggest fight cards in NFT gaming history at 8:00 PM EST.

With 24-hour live streams in 12 different languages ​​and professionally streamed esports games, Origin is packed with events to attract community users.

The launch of Origin is a milestone for Axie Infinity. In the ongoing investigation into the $600 million hack of the Ronin network, US officials have identified North Korean hackers as the responsible party.

Analysts have assessed Axie Infinity’s price trend and believe the long-term bullish projections are valid. Crypto analyst and trader @P2Edaily believes that the long-term bullish projection for Axie Infinity is still valid and has not been shaken. The analyst identified a bullish signal on the Axie Infinity chart, similar to that on the Bitcoin price chart in 2018-19.

The analyst’s next target for the price of Axie Infinity is $60.46.

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