Bangalore prepares for the second edition of Red Bull Dance Your Style

Red Bull dance your style

India to host second installment of international street dance competition series Red Bull dance your stylewhich has a distinctive concept. Red Bull dance your style is an international competition with more than 90 events organized in 30 countries, with one particularity: the public is the judge. Dancers from different street dance genres compete in one-on-one competitions to mainstream music ranging from recent global singles to classic beats. The public votes for the winner using a special voting system, which determines the winner of each competition.

For the digital qualifications of the competition, 1468 dancers registered and among them 16 dancers were selected by a panel of three judges including Japanese hip-hop dancer Kyoka, Poppin’ C from Switzerland and French waacker Bouboo.

Red Bull dance your style

Bouboo, who is a French hip-hop and street style dancer, shares that the opportunity to dance to classic hits is really cool because it gives all street dancers the opportunity to express themselves and be at their best in the competition. “It also has a crowd voting format, which is very interesting because generally the competitors have to convince judges who are themselves experts, but in this you have to entertain the public who are often not dancers. So this rule really changes things,” he adds.

16 dancers are due to perform on Saturday, four of whom would represent the southern region in the India final. These four dancers will join four dancers from the North, East and West region. The winner of the India Final will compete in the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final in Johannesburg, South Africa, on December 10, 2022.

September 24, 4 p.m. At Gilly’s Redefined, Koramangala

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