Bel-Air’s First Trailer Gives ‘Will Smith’ a Darker Origin Story and Turns Carlton into a Badass

The fans sang the theme song of The prince of Bel-Air It’s been as many years as the beloved sitcom has been around, but I can’t imagine many people expected the events depicted in said theme song to be repurposed for a new dramatic tale centered around the fictional Will Smith. That day hasn’t arrived yet, but Peacock has unveiled its first full trailer for the drama to come Bel-Air, and it does a solid job of turning just about every familiar element into something far less friendly for studio audiences. Heavy is the head that wears the prince’s crown in this universe.

With newcomer Jabari Banks front and center like Bel-Air‘s Will Smith, it soon becomes clear why this new interpretation avoided the first half of the sitcom title, as Will isn’t content to just sneak into his bizarro ’90s swanky new Californian home. thrones, as few seem to view the newcomer as anything akin to royalty. Which ties into how and why Will was sent to the West Coast to begin with.

As the iconic theme song suggests, Will got into a fight on a basketball court, presumably with some guys who started causing trouble in his neighborhood. The trailer somewhat justifies why Will’s mother might have been scared of the situation and fired him, as Will went to jail and at least one person involved in this altercation is invested in revenge.

Luckily for Will, the Banks family seems like a formidable force on their own, though it seems like he’ll have to devote himself to winning favor with everyone from his family to everyone at his new school. We have the intimidating and powerful Uncle Phil (Adrian Holmes), the warm and elegant Aunt Viv (Cassandra Freeman), the smiling sisters Hilary (Coco Jones) and Ashley (Akira Akbar), the refined “manager” Geoffrey (Jimmy Akingbola ) , and a much more confident and badass Carlton (Olly Sholotan).

Will and Carlton at the Bel-Air Library

(Image credit: Peacock)

After so many years of watching Alfonso Ribeiro’s dance-filled performances, it’s going to be weird to see Carlton brimming with pride and bravado, and seeing him as one of the high school mainstays who presumably helps ease Will into the student body without causing much conflict. (Conflicts will always exist on the basketball court, though.) It’ll be interesting to see how Carlton and the other characters pay homage to their original iterations, even if it doesn’t imply a love of Tom Jones songs.

Another familiar presence in the trailer is Will’s best friend Jazz, the two arriving at the Banks’ mansion together in the most impressed fashion, blurry dice hanging from the mirror and all. No sign of how many times Jazz will be kicked out of the house in this new rendition, but I guess it won’t be as comical if it happens Bel-Air.

Adapted from the significantly revamped trailer crafted by Morgan Cooper, Bel-Air boasts Cooper as co-writer, director and executive producer, with Will Smith also taking on an EP role as well as showrunners TJ Brady and Rasheed Newson. One of the best things about the Peacock pickup is that fans are already guaranteed two seasons, so let’s hope this premiere is as good as expected.

Bel-Air will finally make its long-awaited debut on Peacock on Sunday, February 13, with the first three episodes dropping at the same time, with future episodes airing once a week. While you wait for the newest of the fresh reboots to arrive, head over to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see all new and returning shows!

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