Binance hires Indian-born Rohit Wad as CTO, Mayur Kama as Product Manager

Binance announced on Monday that it has appointed Rohit Wad, former vice president of Microsoft, as chief technical officer, and Mayur Kamat, former vice president of product at Agoda, as chief product officer.

According to a statement released by Binance, Wad would be responsible for designing scalable, compliant, and fast Web3 services and solutions. It would also be responsible for ensuring the continued security, stability and liquidity of the exchange while meeting ever-changing regulatory compliance requirements in regions where the platform is available. Additionally, Wad would focus on significantly expanding the engineering team to accelerate the progress of the organization.

Additionally, the exchange also announced that Kamat will lead all aspects of Binance’s strategy, roadmap, and product development. He would guide the team to create products that will bring mass adoption to crypto and lower the barrier to entry of Web3 technology. Both Wad and Kamat are reportedly focused on making Web3 services more accessible and usable for everyday people and driving innovation within the Binance ecosystem.

In light of the company’s recent announcement, Kamat said, “My career has focused on improving everyday life through the power of technology. Less than 10% of the Internet addressable population owns crypto assets. Our goal is to bring the benefits of Web3 technology to as many people as possible by making the product simple enough for anyone in the world to use, including beginners. I am honored to play a small role in delivering financial freedom and supporting inclusion for billions of people.

Rohit Wad, the new CTO of Binance said, “We are working on many Web3 experiences and solutions that will transform billions of people, starting with the freedom of money. I am thrilled to be able to bring the incredible advancements and potential of Web3 technology to everyone.

Wad joins Binance with over 30 years of engineering and development experience. Prior to Binance and Microsoft, Wad served as Director of Engineering at Facebook and Google. Wad was one of the key players in the development of Microsoft Teams and Skype.

Kamat brings 20 years of technology and product experience to Binance. Previously, Kamat served as Vice President of Product at Agoda, where he was responsible for the company’s sourcing, finance and market products. Previously, he led product teams at Hiya and Google. Kamat was behind the product team that developed Gmail for mobile, Android for Work, Hangouts, Google Voice and Windows DRM.

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