Black Clover finally explores Yami’s homeland

Black Clover is now kicking off the first major phase of the manga’s final arc, and the new chapter of the series has finally shared the first look at Yami Sukehiro’s home country! Yami was already a notable member of the Magic Knights since his very first introduction as he not only notably came from another country, but seemed to think very differently from all the other fighters. His knowledge and use of ki along with all the clues to his home of origin added further mysteries, and now fans can finally see where he came from!

With the final arc now in high gear as Asta was teleported away from the Clover Kingdom and seemingly killed, the previous chapter of the series saw him washing up on the shore of a new location with a mysterious person. coming to his aid. With the final chapter of the series following this and revealing what had happened to Asta since he was stranded on this shore, it is actually revealed that he had come to the Far Land of the Sun, the land Yami is from. actually native.

Chapter 337 of black clover picks up sometime after Asta gets stranded on the court in a new country, and he wakes up to find that his rescuer actually knew Yami from when they were kids. He explains that his name is Ryuya Ryudo and that he is the shogun of the Land of Sunshine. It is a Japanese-inspired country described as a “foreign country, far, far away” from the Clover Kingdom. Ryuya explains that Yami was 13 when they last saw each other, so it seems Asta has landed in the perfect place.

Asta mentions that Yami and Ryuya’s ki is vaguely similar, and the two look a bit alike, but it’s yet to be revealed whether or not there’s a deeper connection between the two beyond just being in love. to be old friends. But as Asta continues to stay in this foreign land for quite some time, it looks like we’ll learn a lot more about the Land of the Sun as the series’ final arc continues towards the end.

What do you think of this first look at Yami’s home country? What do you think this will mean for Asta ahead of the final? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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