Cambridge Quantum launches Quantum Origin encryption key generation platform

CAMBRIDGE, England, December 7, 2021 — Quantum Cambridge (QC), the global leader in quantum software and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quantinuum, the global leader in embedded quantum computing, is pleased to announce the launch of Quantum Origin, the first cryptographic key generation platform available commercially based on verifiable quantum randomness. . It is the first commercial product built using a Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum Computer (NISQ) and was designed to secure the world’s data against current and future threats to today’s encryption.

Randomness is essential for securing current security solutions as well as protecting systems against the future threat of quantum attacks. These attacks will further weaken deterministic methods of generating random numbers, as well as methods that are not verifiably random and from a quantum source.

Systems today are protected by encryption standards such as RSA and AES. Their resilience is based on the inability to “break” a long string from a random number generator (RNG). Today’s RNGs, however, lack true verifiable randomness; the numbers generated are not as unpredictable as expected and as a result, these RNGs have been the point of failure for an increasing number of cyberattacks. To add to this, the potential threat of quantum attacks further ups the ante, prompting criminals to steal encrypted data passing over the internet, with a view to later decrypting it using quantum computers. Attacks known as “hack now, decrypt later”.

Quantum Origin is a cloud-hosted platform that protects against these current and future threats. It uses the unpredictable nature of quantum mechanics to generate cryptographic keys with verifiable quantum randomness from Quantinuum’s H-series quantum computers, powered by Honeywell. It supports traditional algorithms, such as RSA or AES, as well as post-quantum cryptography algorithms currently standardized by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST).

“We have been working for several years on a method to effectively use the unique characteristics of quantum computers to provide our customers with defense against adversaries and criminals now and in the future once quantum computers become widespread. “, noted Ilyas KhanCEO of Quantinuum and Founder of Cambridge Quantum. He added, “Quantum Origin gives us the ability to be immune to today’s most sophisticated and powerful threats, as well as threats from quantum computers in the future.

Duncan JonesHead of Cybersecurity at Cambridge Quantum, said: “When we talk about protecting systems using quantum technologies, we are not just talking about protecting them against future threats. Whether it’s large-scale takedowns of organizations, hackers of nation states, or the disturbing potential for ‘hack now, decrypt later’ attacks, the threats are very real today, and well here to stay. Responsible companies must deploy all possible defenses to ensure maximum encryption protection today and tomorrow.

Quantum Enhanced Keys on Demand

With Quantum Origin, when an organization requires quantum enhanced key generation, they can now place a call through an API. Quantum Origin generates the keys before encrypting them with a transport key and transmitting them securely back to the organization. To give organizations a high level of assurance that their encryption keys are as unpredictable as possible, Quantum Origin tests the entire output of quantum computers, ensuring that each key is seeded from a random character. verifiable quantum.

These keys are then simple and easy to integrate into customers’ existing systems as they are provided in a format that can be consumed by traditional cybersecurity systems and hardware. This end-to-end approach ensures that key generation is on-demand and can scale with usage, while remaining secure.

Quantum Origin in practice

Quantum Origin keys should be used in all scenarios requiring strong cybersecurity. At launch, CQ will offer Quantum Origin to financial services companies and cybersecurity product vendors before expanding into other high-priority sectors, such as telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, defense and government.

The technology has already been used in a series of projects with launch partners. Axiom space used Quantum Origin to test post-quantum encrypted communication between the ISS and Earth – sending the message “Hello Quantum World” back to Earth encrypted with post-quantum keys seeded from verifiable quantum randomness . Fujitsu integrated Quantum Origin into its Software Defined Wide Area Network (SDWAN) using enhanced quantum keys alongside traditional algorithms.

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About Cambridge Quantum

Founded in 2014, Cambridge Quantum is a global leader in quantum software and quantum algorithms, enabling customers to get the most out of rapidly evolving quantum computing hardware. It is part of the new company Quantinuum, the largest integrated quantum computing company in the world. Cambridge Quantum has offices in Europe, United Statesand Japan. For more information, visit CQ at Access source code for lambeq, TKET, Python bindings, and utilities on GitHub.

Source: Cambridge Quantum

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