Celtics’ Grant Williams Explains Origin of ‘Batman’ Nickname

Boston Celtics reserve forward Grant Williams has made a name for himself as a resident fan of the geeky stuff team, from the cheesy board game “Settlers of Catan” to his predilection for comic books. All are a badge the Charlotte native wears proudly.

So when news broke that the former Tennessee start allegedly dubbed himself ‘Batman’ after an impressive outing against Denver Nuggets superstar big man Nikola Jokic, Williams received a healthy dose of external ribbing for the moniker. while his teammates were mostly supportive. But the origin story of Vol’s former alter ego wasn’t all about the money, a fact revealed by the Celtics swingman in a recent interview with Heavy’s Jack Simone.

Take a look at the embedded clip below to learn more about Williams’ Batman moniker and how it started for yourself.

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