Charlotte is auditioning for the Red Bull Dance Your Style competition which will take place on Saturday

CHARLOTTE, NC – Calling all Charlotte dancers! The Red Bull Dance Your Style contest will hold auditions at the Music Yard on Saturday April 9th.

The Red Bull Dance Your Style Charlotte Audition is an all ages event with free entry, doors open at 1pm and competition runs from 2pm to 4.30pm.

Officials say all dancers will have two minutes to show off their skills and will be judged on a scale of 1 to 5, with the best dancers advancing to compete in Atlanta on May 13.

There will be five regional qualifiers across the United States, which officials say will determine the dancers for the National Finals in New Orleans, with the ultimate goal of competing in the World Finals next.

To earn a spot in a U.S. regional qualifier, officials say dancers must rise above their competition in an audition to be held in cities across the country, including Charlotte on April 9.

Red Bull officials say “The 1-on-1 Knockout Battle Tournament pits all styles against each other, whether it’s poppers, lockers, hip-hop freestylers, house dancers, voguers , krumpers or any of the many other styles represented in the competition.” Adding, “The dancers have no idea what songs the DJ will choose to spin for their battles. The poppers might have to bang to rock music and the house dancers might have to dance to rap. He s it’s about being ready to freestyle to any song the DJ plays.

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