Crowd turns violent as cops try to stop bull dancing | Salem News

Coimbatore: Dozens of police and firefighters were injured when an enraged mob pelted them with rocks as they tried to stop the bull dance at Mathakondapalli village near Denkanikottai in Krishnagiri district on Wednesday. More than six cops and two firefighters were injured, and a police jeep and a firefighter were damaged in the incident. The police had no choice but to use the charge of lathi to control the crowd.
Earlier, the villagers requested permission from the district administration to hold a bull dance as part of the car festival to be held at Sri Prasanna Lakshmi Venkateswara Temple in Mathakondapalli on February 20. Account.
However, the villagers and members of the temple festival committee spoke with the police and reportedly got permission to lead the bull dance for a few minutes.
Following this, several hundred people from Hosur, Denkanikottai and even Karnataka gathered at the village to see the bull dance. As soon as the event started releasing more than 100 decorated bulls, the police asked the public to stop the bull dance.
People refused to heed the request and a group of youngsters suddenly started throwing rocks at police and fire department vehicles. To control the crowd, the police then used the lathi-charge and detained 25 people for investigation. To prevent any unfortunate incident, more than 100 police officers were deployed in the village.

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