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Sex, drugs and politics. Wowza is an exciting list of forbidden family dinner topics, but Don’t Kill The Vibe, the new dance-centric podcast presented by Label Engine and produced by Create.TV is no awkward holiday reunion. , then hosts Zel McCarthy and Katie Bain enter.

Los Angeles-based dance music journalists have a serious rep. McCarthy was editor of To bump and most recently Vice President of Media at Beatport. Bain is known for her work as an editor for Beatport, lead music writer at THE weekly and columnist at Insomniac, as well as contributions to Noisey, Thump, RBMA, The Huffington Post, and the Los Angeles Times. If you think these two pull shots and play well, think again.

“I think you hear in the first 30 seconds that we’re going there,” McCarthy said. “There are no sacred cows and nothing is forbidden. Personally, I aim to be respectful, but I’m not too shy to criticize someone or something that deserves it.

DKTV, as it has been lovingly abbreviated, aims to be the literal, unapologetic and unapologetic voice of the dance music industry. Consider it your exclusive water cooler insight into the world of dancing, equal parts insider whispers and outright piss.

“As journalists, Katie and I are both driven by the search for the truth, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have opinions,” McCarthy says. “We will also tell you what we learned that informed our opinions. It’s not just a matter of feelings. »

Get ready for in-depth reporting, press briefings and panel discussions alongside influential guests, artists and industry professionals. The hour-long debut features a behind-the-scenes look at the Grammys, tips for avoiding burnout during the fall festival season, the closure of London’s legendary Fabric nightclub, and closer inspections of news like the rumor Spotify could buy Soundcloud, or Skrillex’s juiciest takeawaysComplex interview.

“What I love about this show is that the conversations we have on the air are essentially the same ones we have privately,” Bain says. “It’s a real sensation behind the scenes. I hope people will think we’re funny. I think we are funny. At least we’re having fun.

DKTV is available for free weekly on iTunes. Check out the first episode below.

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