Eddie Hall explains the origin of the passionate rivalry with Thor Bjornsson

Ahead of their next fight on March 19, Hall opened up about how his rivalry with Bjornsson dates back to their one-on-one at the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition.

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Thor Bjornsson talks Eddie Hall fight

Eddie Hall has detailed where his rivalry with Thor Bjornsson stems from ahead of their long-awaited boxing bout next month.

The former strongmen will meet in Dubai on March 19, six months after their initial meeting was canceled after Hall suffered a bicep injury.

Bjornsson instead faced arm wrestling champion Devon Larratt at the event, eliminating the Canadian in a drastic lag.

But the pair will now meet in the “heaviest match in boxing history”, with the pair recently exchanging words after the fight was announced.

And Hall said his rivalry with Bjornsson dates back to when the duo competed in the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition.

Eddie Hall cut for his boxing debut



“To be honest, I just want to hit this guy, hit him again, and then get him out of my headspace,” Hall told Muscle and Health.

“I just spent too much time wanting to hurt this man and I just have to move on. He wronged me in 2017, he put a dark cloud over me for several years. I just want to put that to lie down and go on with my life.”

During the ‘Viking press’ event, Bjornsson completed 15 reps but was deducted from one of them after the referee ruled he performed an illegal move.

“We want to hurt, well, I want to hurt him. This is a serious fight. In fact, we really hate each other,” he added.

After Bjornsson was deducted from a rehearsal on the Viking press lift, Hall would go on to win the competition and retire from the strongman altogether.

Bjornsson would fulfill his dream of winning the competition in 2018 after finishing third or second for six consecutive years.

Who wins – Eddie Hall or Thor Bjornsson? Let us know your prediction in the comments section below.

Four years after Hall set a 500kg deadlift world record, Bjornsson outdid his rival by lifting 501kg in his home gym.

“He went and do some home gym hero lifting b******* trying to break my deadlift world record,” Hall said. “If he beat me, the fact that he was only 1kg heavier is irrelevant, but I just can’t understand how he can think his attempt can be legitimate.

“Who checked the plates? His father weighed the plates! It all stinks to me.

“In other words, if I pulled 500 pounds four years ago in my home gym and my own dad weighed the plates, every single person would smell like the **** bull.

“The only reason Thor won World’s Strongest Man is because I retired – so he’s welcome. He’s welcome that I’m retired. He has lucky I retired, otherwise he would never have won the title of strongest man in the world.”

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