EDR-affiliated colleges concerned about declining research activity

Heads of affiliated colleges on Saturday expressed concern over the perceived setback to research activities due to the rejection of scholarly papers by Bharathidasan University despite being published by approved journals, during the meeting of the Senate.

Bharathidasan University advocated for publication of articles in the journals listed in UGC Care List, Scopus and Web of Science. Although the University argued that the journals had been rejected based on the University Grants Commission’s constant updating of the list of journals, the directors questioned the rationale for the Directorate of Research’s approach. searches to reject articles at the time of submission of the synopsis, in case the journal has subsequently been removed from the list.

“Papers published in journals should be accepted on a publication basis at the time of registration by the UGC, not at the time of submission, as the tendency to drop from the list of journals hitherto accepted in few months is common. It is unfair to subject scholars to hardship when there is no shortcoming on their part,” said S. Ismail Mohideen, Principal of Jamal Mohammed College.

Other universities have forged ahead in research activities, fulfilling the general requirement for researchers to publish a research paper in one of the UGC-approved peer-reviewed journals and obtaining two other papers published at conferences, informed Professor Ismail Mohideen.

The issue was discussed at length at the meeting, and officials from other institutions also expressed disappointment at the difficulties caused to researchers. In the scenario of a focus on interdisciplinary research, the emphasis on article-journal convergence of the research field was out of place, one member attempted to explain.

While K. Saravanan, Principal, Mass College of Arts and Science, Kumbakonam, urged the university to hold a seminar/workshop on the UGC-approved journal to clear up confusion, P. Nagalakshmi, Associate Professor, Holy Cross College (autonomous), called on the university to identify and publish the list of UGC-approved journals in arts and sciences. It would be greatly appreciated if the University launched internal journals approved by the UGC.

Researchers would find it easy to get their papers published in these journals and could avoid last-minute disappointments, Nagalakshmi pointed out.

Vice-Chancellor Mr Selvam said the Senate members’ grievances would be addressed in earnest.

In response to the request raised by members for the appointment of a full-time research director, it was announced at the meeting that the Union had approved the proposal to fill the position full-time at its meeting this month. last.

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