Elon Musk: Thanks to Twitter, Elon Musk hired Indian-born Ashok Elluswamy as the first employee of Tesla’s Autopilot team

Social media can be very convenient, take us everywhere and open many doors for us. In the recent past, we’ve heard many stories of people landing big jobs via DMs or corporate matchups that happened on retweets.

Just days ago, Tesla Founder and CEO Elon Musk revealed how he chose to hire Ashok Elluswamy for his Tesla Autopilot team, an Indian-born engineer who currently heads the autopilot engineering.

Elluswamy was the first employee hired for Tesla’s Autopilot team around 2015 when Musk sent out a search for candidates.

Musk recently did an interview where he talked about Tesla’s Autopilot team. During the conversation, Elluswamy’s name came up when the Tesla boss revealed the Indian-born man was head of Autopilot engineering.

Someone on Twitter then shared a snippet of the interview, to which the SpaceX boss gloated that Elluswamy had been recruited via Musk’s tweet where he mentioned the part about Tesla starting an Autopilot team.

“Ashok was the first person recruited from my tweet saying Tesla is starting an Autopilot team!” Musk tweeted.

“The Tesla Autopilot AI team is extremely talented. Some of the smartest people in the world,” one of the world’s richest men, Musk said in the interview as he talked about Elluswamy and Andrej.

Who is Ashok Elluswamy?
Prior to joining Tesla, Elluswamy worked with WABCO Vehicle Control System and also completed an internship at the Volkswagen Electronic Research Lab.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering from Guindy College of Engineering, Chennai and a Master’s degree in Robotic Systems Development from Carnegie Mellon University.

Musk has often used Twitter to recruit people for his companies. The 50-year-old recently tweeted that Tesla is looking for die-hard artificial intelligence (AI) engineers who care about solving problems that directly affect people’s lives in major ways.

The job application was simple. All interested applicants should fill in fields such as name, email, outstanding work done in software, hardware or AI and then submit their CV in PDF format.

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