Final Fantasy Origin releases final trailer

Square Enix releases the latest trailer for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, showcasing new characters, bosses, and a song by Frank Sinatra.

final fantasy origin final trailer

In its previous promotional material, Stranger from Heaven: Final Fantasy Origin was billed as a unique representation of the long-running JRPG franchise. While gamers will have to wait until March to see all that Origin of Final Fantasy lurks, Square Enix has released a final trailer giving players an extra dose of reveals and surprises.

From Origin of Final FantasyDuring the initial E3 2021 reveal, one of the main takeaways from the game was the edgy nature of the protagonist and the setting in general. This became particularly evident when images of one of the Origin of Final FantasyLater trailers took on meme status, with protagonist Jack completely ignoring another character’s backstory and continuing to play grunge rock on his phone. While that tone isn’t necessarily a bad thing for a Final Fantasy game, players have been concerned about how the final product will look as the game is a pseudo-narrative or prequel to the original Final Fantasy.


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The latest trailer for Stranger from Heaven: Final Fantasy Origin is densely packed with new characters, bosses, gameplay footage, and potential story beats. For starters, the Warriors of Light will apparently be joined by a fifth character named Sofia, who is introduced slashing an enemy, before joining the gang with a punch. Like older entries in the series, Origin of Final Fantasy uses a revamped job system that allows players to customize the skills and abilities of Sofia and the rest of the party in real time. Players also get another look at the trickster Astos, with the trailer showing some familiarity with Jack, though it appears to have been from a different era.

Generally, the trailer is split into two parts, the first one focusing more on gameplay and the second on building tone. The Warriors of Light are shown battling (and being beaten) by a handful of bosses, including a large humanoid creature with tentacles named Kraken, a fiery insect-like creature with multiple arms, and Lich, a fearsome skeletal entity that reeks of death. In keeping with the character so far, the scene ends with Jack loudly proclaiming his disrespect for Lich before punching them in the face. In the back half of the trailer, Jack walks through a field listening to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” as characters appear in and out of the video, as if remembering them.

All in all, this trailer offers an effective final look at Origin of Final Fantasy before its release. It balances exciting gameplay snippets and character moments, with more subtle world-building and tone-setting techniques, especially with the use of “My Way” at the end of the trailer. This being the final trailer, there will likely be no more material released that could potentially sway potential buyers until the reviews start showing up. These people will sadly be missed Origin of Final Fantasyso because chances are they won’t do pre-orders.

Stranger from Heaven: Final Fantasy Origin launching March 18, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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