Final Fantasy Origin’s Dragon King Trials Features Multiple Player Characters

When Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin released in March, players could only assume the role of main man Jack, but thanks to the upcoming update, they can play as any of his companions. The developer behind the game, Team Ninja, has confirmed that the update will arrive as part of Trials of the Dragon King, which releases on July 20.

“Want to play as someone other than Jack when playing Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin in single player mode? In the latest Trials of the Dragon King update, you will now be able to choose whether you fight as Jack or another of his recruited warriors,” the game’s official Twitter account. announcement earlier today.


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This follows the announcement that Team Ninja would release an expansion for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin called Trials of the Dragon King. The company released a trailer for the upcoming title on April 1 which showed Bahamut descending from above to do battle with Jack and his Warriors of Light. Trials of the Dragon King is currently scheduled for July 20.

Stranger of Paradise recently became the fourth worst-performing spin-off series in the Final Fantasy franchise last month in terms of sales figures, at least in Japan. The game was released to mixed reviews on March 18, earning a Metacritic score of just 72 and 66 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, respectively. Sales figures elsewhere in the world were not significantly better.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has garnered a cult following despite its mixed critical reception. The game enjoys a strong community, but continues to struggle when it comes to attracting new players.

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