For International Dance Day, Red Bull Dance on the beauty of their art

In a contemporary political moment charged with violence, artists from all mediums are collaborating to elevate their creative communities. The world of breakdancing in particular is gaining momentum as a competitive sport on International Dance Day. And thanks in large part to the help of Red Bull Dance and breakdance photography, the day has gained worldwide recognition for an art form created by and for BIPOC.

The photographers offer their unique skills to frame and capture the fluidity of the breakup in a whole new light. The two art forms are naturally compatible, bringing out the dynamism of photographic work and the electrifying movement of breaking.

From the streets of the Bronx to the Paris 2024 Olympics, breaking has evolved in recent decades. The community values ​​that remained on International Dance Day, however, allowed activism to find a natural home in this creative space.

red bull dance

The recent spike in AAPI racism has rocked Red Bull Dance’s diverse group of dancers. Leaders and activists in their own right, the dancers of Red Bull One continued their work with a renewed commitment to amplifying social change.

Red Bull BC One Hypest Rounds via Red Bull BC One Youtube

Red Bull BC One dancers are at the forefront of AAPI representation and continue to raise the bar for breakers. It is an organized group of sixteen b-boys and 16 b-girls chosen from thousands of breakers. These dancers will compete to represent at the Red Bull BC One World Finals, taking place in Poland this year.

Ahead of International Dance Day, we spoke to the best in breakdancing about what inspires them and how breaking can be a force for change.

Logan Edra

This natural starlet has been at the top of the game for nearly a decade now – despite being just 17.

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Logan ‘Logistx’ Edra poses for a portrait in Miami, FL, USA on March 22, 2021 // Red Bull Content Pool

Logan Edra is an international dancer. She first came to public notice a few years ago when she appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show. Since then, the young artist has continued to hone her craft and put the platform it gives her to service the community.

A born dancer since she was just 8 years old, Edra turns her attention to mindful ways to use her platform.

K.H.: What drives you to take your dancing to the next level?

THE: There are many things that inspire me to take my dancing to the next level; and that is constantly changing as I continue to evolve as a human being, an artist, and an athlete. My main inspiration lately has been just to be a voice for the voices that are being silenced. There is too much suffering on this planet not to use our art to uplift others.

I find a powerful source of dynamism in the alchemy of negative energy I have had through countless times when life has been thrown at me in a way that seems unfair and/or the multiple times I did not understand despite my hard work. It’s a way for me to release hard feelings and deal with difficult emotions in a healthy way.

If I see some of my friends doing a new move, taking their footwork to the next level, or improving their fighting tactics, I take it as a reminder to see what I need to work on so we can all evolve cohesively. and help the culture/dance evolve.

red bull dance
B-girl Logistx from the United States competes in the World Urban Games in the Breaking category in Budapest, Hungary on September 14, 2019 // Little Shao/Red Bull Content Pool

The effect of breakdancing on social change

K.H.: Can breakdancing amplify efforts for activism and social change?

THE: Breakin in itself is one of the earliest elements of hip-hop.

Therefore, being a community made up of mostly BIPOC who might have chosen this profession due to its low demand for expenses and perhaps somehow marginalization, we are already a walking symbol of social change. , diversity, inclusion, things of that nature. Can we continue to evolve our ways of amplifying social justice? Yes, and we are.

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Logan Edra for Ysa Perez // Red Bull Content Pool

KH: How do you stay committed to your craft when you face obstacles?

THE: First, I take a step back to look at my life as an observer before moving forward. Sometimes obstacles can be confusing, so to find clarity, I automatically know that I just have to “supervise” rather than “in it.”

Jwo, i go through the obstacle(s) with the motivation to overcome what is trying to hold me back.

The perspective and chemistry of these emotions along with healthy outlets – like meditation, breathing, and other therapeutic techniques – have all helped me stay engaged in my craft in the face of obstacles.

Victor Montalvo

red bull dance
Victor Montalvo // Red Bull Content Pool

No one in the game has more championships to their name than Victor Montalvo. Having toured the world and won several solo competitions, Montalvo is the current record holder for most international titles in a year.

However, he is far from letting his notoriety take over his talent. Thus, the world-renowned dancer is dedicated to the breaking lifestyle, art and community.

K.H.: What drives you to take your dancing to the next level?

VM: What inspires me to take my breaking to the next level is simply the art of breaking. It’s an endless cycle of creativity and expression. I want to leave a legacy behind and become one of the best ever!

breakdance photography
Victor on the streets of Tokyo // Red Bull Content Pool

K.H.: Can breakdancing amplify efforts for activism and social change?

VM: Breaking up can certainly help with social change. Breaking is a melting pot of different cultures, ethnicities and peoples. Hip hop in general is synonymous with peace, love, unity and respect. It’s something we stand for.

K.H.: How do you stay committed to your craft when you face obstacles?

VM: The way I engage in my craft is to become more open-minded by taking inspiration not just from breaking, but also from things, places, music, concepts, ideas and bringing them into work in my breakup. Make it more exciting and new.

Ronnie Abaldonado

international dance day
Ronnie Abaldonado // Red Bull Content Pool

Abaldonadoa Red Bull BC One All-Star and member of several high profile dance teams, was originally a major architect.

Since switching to break, Abaldonad has made a name for himself as a record holder with powerful moves. He was a member of Full Force and Super Cr3w, a team that won the second season MTV’s Best American Dance Team.

Over the past decade, the dancer has expanded his work to include teaching breakdance to children of all ages at his art studio, District Arts.

K.H.: What inspires you to take your dance to the next level?

AR: The endless possibilities of creating new moves and the evolution of dance continues to reach new heights.

breakdance photography
B-girl Sunny attends Red Bull BC One B-Girls Cypher USA in Houston, Texas on May 18, 2019 // Little Shao/Red Bull Content Pool

K.H.: Can breakdancing amplify efforts for activism and social change?

AR: Yes.

Since Breaking is part of Hip Hop Culture, we live by these words “Peace, Love, Unity and have fun.”

Ronnie Abaldonado

red bull dance
B-Boy Ronnie poses for a portrait in Mumbai, India on April 12, 2019 // Ali Bharmal / Red Bull Content Pool

K.H.: How do you stay committed to your craft when you face obstacles?

AR: Breaking actually helped me navigate through life’s obstacles. When times were tough, breaking was my remedy.

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Today, International Dance Day, we can draw strength and inspiration of these artists. Highlighting the beauty of photography and breaking, these dancers perpetuate their art.

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