Groups of older people offered outdoor activities in nature after the People’s Postcode Lottery grant

Volunteer Julia Pursehouse shows Sunrise visitors around

The Kingswood Trust will use the money to tackle loneliness, improve health and wellbeing and reconnect people with each other by inviting them to its countryside location.

Groups in Wolverhampton will enjoy walks following paths laid out to incorporate features such as ancient gate posts and willow structures.

Board chairman David Harris said: “We have already seen many older people gain confidence through these activities.

“Our volunteers here with many years of experience at Kingswood Trust organize nature walks and show visitors different plants in the garden, places of historical interest and answer any questions they may have.”

He added: “Caregivers accompanying the group also benefited from the experience as they were supported by staff and volunteers.

“Over the summer and into the fall of 2021, several groups have taken the opportunity to come for a bespoke visit to Kingswood Trust for Nature Connections.”

He added: “These were organized groups supporting older people arriving in their own transport and helped by their carers. Without exception, each and every one of them enjoyed the experience and found the value of to be in a place where they could relax outdoors, go for a short walk, see animals, meet new people and be part of nature.

“Our bespoke days provided many opportunities for people with dementia to be able to pick up the conversation again, as different aspects such as the herb garden, the air raid shelter and meeting our animals seemed to stimulate memory.

“For some, it was enough to be able to be outside.”

Groups can also take advantage of a campfire to sit around for discussion and reflection time as well as for outdoor cooking.

The Trust also holds the Dementia Friendly Badge and offers bespoke tours to organisations, care homes and charities that support older people with the condition which affects 850,000 people in the UK.

Kingswood’s Nature Connections project helps address these issues and improves the lives of older adults through physical activity, social interaction, and opportunities to observe and interact with nature.

For more information visit [email protected] or call 01902 558132

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