How to defeat Kraken in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

The last of the Four Fiends you’ll face, Kraken is no pushover. With super long-range AoEs, environmental hazards, and rambling attacks, Kraken can deal massive damage at any point in combat. However, with proper preparation and situational awareness, you can thread a victory through that proverbial needle. Here’s how to defeat Kraken in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

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Kraken’s first phase introduces you to his incredible speed and range. Kraken can jump attack targets at will, thanks to his tentacles which can extend to deal damage. Additionally, Kraken has access to several AoE attacks that can cause issues due to its low windup and fast animations. Here are all of Kraken’s Phase 1 attacks:

  • Basic Attacks: Kraken’s range is extremely long. In addition to the normal one to two hit combo, Kraken and extend for a third attack – if you’re not nearly halfway through the arena, you can get tagged with this hit. Luckily, you can dodge to the side to completely avoid it. A variation of this is a triple ground smash which has less vertical range, but greater AoE potential.
  • Gurgling: Kraken will attempt to smash a target with both hands. This attack cannot be parried.
  • Spinning Blast: Kraken will quickly spin in place, dealing damage with its tentacles. This attack can be parried.
  • To rush: Kraken lowers his body and briefly aims at a target before shoving the target. This attack can be parried, but has multiple hits and can hit you multiple times. Immediately after Rush, however…
  • water laser: Suck water from the pool around you, Kraken will fire a water laser covering a 140 degree area in front of him. Standing to one side will not only keep you safe, but also give you a good window of opportunity to perform attacks. The laser can be parried, but can also mark you multiple times.
  • craving for ink: Kraken will fire multiple ink shots in a cone in front of him. This attack can be parried and also stolen as an instant command.
  • Tentacle Crush: Kraken will stomp an area, before turning around and stomping another area. This attack cannot be parried and is difficult to dodge, so an immediate reaction is needed to avoid it.
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Although it is not necessary to mention it, Kraken is master of the domain of water. As such, this makes him more susceptible to Electric attacks – and you may notice Electric Explosive Machines scattered around the arena. Although it’s tempting, don’t blast them in phase 1 if you can help it. These will become important in phase 2:

  • Kraken will use all of the same attacks as Phase 1 with two notable changes.
  • To rush: Same as phase 1, but with a twist. Instead of charging the Water Laser, Kraken will instead dive into the water. That’s where those explosive machines will come in – by detonating one, you’ll force Kraken out of the water in a stunned state. If you don’t, he’ll jump out of the water covered in a liquid aura, greatly enhancing Kraken. When jumping out of the water, it will launch Tsunami, which will cover a large area of ​​the arena and is unstoppable.
  • New-Splash: This attack is the same as Spinning Blast, with one exception: it will also fire water orbs in random directions. This attack can be parried.

As for phase 1, the electric attacks here are very effective, especially if it is coated with water. However, its attack speed increases slightly during Phase 2, so tighter blocking, parrying, and movement will be required to fry this squid.

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