India’s Devika Bulchandani joins the elite club of Indian-born global CEOs

Less than a week of Indian descent Laxman Narasimhan becomes CEO of Starbucksthe American Indian Devika Bulchandani has taken over the reins of one of the most renowned agencies of WWP plc, the world’s largest advertising company by revenue and number of employees. She is now global CEO of Ogilvy, a British advertising, marketing and public relations agency in New York with 131 offices in 93 countries. Beginning September 12, she will be seen mapping the organizational structure, making business decisions, strategizing profitability and reviewing Ogilvy’s short- and long-term agendas on Fifth Avenue, a popular fashion street. busiest part of Manhattan. , New York.

Ogilvy CEO Devika Bulchandani of Punjab is one of the few female CEOs of the elite club of Indian-born behemoths of global giants., such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe, FedEx and Chanel. “Devika is a champion of creativity who brings passion, purpose and an uncompromising focus to everything she does. She has been instrumental in the recent growth and development of Ogilvy. Her love for advertising, her deep understanding of client needs and her track record of delivering creative solutions to brands make her the ideal choice to lead Ogilvy to even greater success,” said Andy Main, outgoing CEO of the agency. of creation, in a media.

“Devika Bulchandani, whose left brain and right brain have been a creative force behind creating iconic campaigns for the growth of multiple brands, has gone from an editorial gig that paid her $7 an hour to a job full-time for $18,000 in Ogilvy’s global CEO headquarters.His move from Mumbai to Los Angeles to pursue a master’s degree in communications at the University of Southern California planted the seeds of the “American dream” for him in 1991. His professional journey from one foot in advertising to a stronghold at Ogilvy’s corporate headquarters that enthusiasts of advertising career revered as a sanctuary of creativity is an interesting story,” said Sourav Agarwal, editor of Travel Beats, an overseas Indian community portal created by

Advertising was not her cup of tea initially, as she felt that this industry was not the place where she could do anything to have a positive impact on life. Persuaded by a former student of her doctoral school, she gets her hands dirty in advertising and finds her calling. Breaking down stereotypes through the power of creativity and championing social causes through brand advocacy campaigns are her strengths.

“The Fearless Girl,” one of her unique campaigns that captures the “cultural zeitgeist” of her time, made Devika Bulchandani a hallmark voice for women’s equality and gender diversity in the workplace.. The campaign featuring a statue of a young girl with her hands on her hips facing the New York Stock Exchange bull on Wall Street is one of the most famous campaigns in the history of the International Festival of Creativity Cannes Lions. She was the creative prodigy behind MasterCard’s long-running ad campaign titled “Priceless.” The campaign with the slogan – “There are things money can’t buy; for everything else, there’s MasterCard” – has made MasterCard one of the most identifiable credit card companies.

Born in Amritsar, Devika Bulchandani is often referred to as a giant in the advertising, branding and PR industry.. She received numerous awards and accolades, including NY Power Woman by Moves Magazine, during her illustrious 26-year career at McCann, an American multinational advertising company with offices around the world. She rose through the management ranks on the McCann totem and became president of McCann New York in 2017. Strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, she believes, “Keep changing your mantra according to what’s going on in the world.”

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