Isiah Thomas refutes the origin of Michael Jordan’s grudge

When it comes to the grudge between NBA rivals Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas, it’s hard to believe the past is over.

Jordan explained that the bad feelings between the two started during the 1985 All-Star Game. In it, Jordan accused Thomas of freezing him and not letting him get the ball back. This story was recently brought to light by The Inquisitr in a post and accompanying tweet.

“If you go back and watch the movie, you can see that Isiah was actually doing that,” Jordan told 1992 Us.

When Thomas saw the tweet on Thursday, he called it out, saying the details weren’t “factual or accurate.” However, based on the reaction, he seems to think Jordan just said that.

“Stop lying, this story isn’t factual or accurate, tell the truth man,” Thomas said. “Dr. J, Moses Malone, Larry Bird, Sidney Moncrief and I didn’t let you down. If I remember correctly, I was injured for most of the second half and Bird broke his Nose Magic and Sampson dominated the game.

Maybe Thomas is right, maybe not. But when it comes to grudges, we know Jordan doesn’t need a good reason to hold one. Anyone who’s watched “The Last Dance” documentary knows that Jordan has and will hold grudges for a long time. Jordan himself admitted several times during the film that he would “take it personally” if someone said or did anything against him.

And as you can see, that goes for Isiah Thomas as well.


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