Jeff Bezos was upset when the Blue Origin suit didn’t fit well around his crotch before the flight in a penis-shaped rocket

JEFF Bezos was upset that his Blue Origin jumpsuit didn’t fit well around his crotch before flying off in his penis-shaped rocket, according to a report.

The former Amazon CEO reportedly threw a fit when he first tried on the suit for a photo shoot before the rocket launch last July.


Bezos was less than thrilled with the fit of the spacesuit
The Blue Origin rocket launched into space last July


The Blue Origin rocket launched into space last JulyCredit: Getty Images – Getty

A witness to Bezos’ outburst over the suit’s fit told Bloomberg that he was “volublely upset” because the suit “didn’t fit well in the crotch.”

In fact, Bezos was so upset that he sent his personal tailor to Texas to repair the suit before Blue Origin officially launched.

In addition to his custom-made spacesuit, Bezos donned a cowboy hat during the launch of the Blue Origin rocket on July 20, 2021.

Bezos, along with three others, was on Blue Origin’s first-ever commercial flight.

Blue Origin Space Ticket Cost Revealed
Inside Jeff Bezos' 417ft superyacht worth $500m as it's dubbed a 'phallus symbol'

The rocket launched last July from the company’s Launch Site One near Van Horn, Texas.

Many have publicly criticized Rocket — and Bezos — and even threatened to boycott Amazon.

The rocket also received backlash for its phallic shape.

The Blue Origin rocket isn’t the only Bezos ship to be called out for its shape.

His new 417ft superyacht has received similar comments, with protesters calling it a “symbol of the phallus”.

News of Bezos’ outburst over the suit comes as Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson nears finalizing a contract to travel on the Blue Origin rocket.

A source close to the comedian told Page Six that he was “excited” about the possibility of flying in space.

Blue Origin has not publicly disclosed ticket prices.

However, the company’s sales approached $100 million last year, according to The New York Times.

More than a dozen people traveled to space on Blue Origin rockets in 2021.

The company continued with plans to take more civilians into space in 2022.

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