Looking Glass Labs Says House of Kibaa Studio Team Showcases Project Origin’s Metaverse During Recent Miami NFT Week

Looking Glass Labs Ltd (LGL) said Creative Director Jason Nguyen and members of the studio team from its leading brand House of Kibaa (HoK) performed a preliminary demonstration of the Project Origin metaverse (Alpha Demo) for Miami NFT Week conference attendees from April 1-3, 2022.

Through the use of a virtual reality headset at HoK’s stand, attendees were able to experience the Alpha Demo, which took the form of a digital art gallery tour showcasing selections from the NFT collection personal Nguyen, said the Vancouver-based digital platform specializing in the design, development and sale of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The Alpha Demo was an opportunity for LGL to share the Project Origin experience with interested parties as well as provide more information on its upcoming Project Origin Pocket Dimension land plot sale scheduled for 16 to April 17, 2022.

“It was a privilege to address attendees as a speaker during Miami NFT Week and it was also a pleasure to show a small sample of our Project Origin metaverse via Alpha Demo to many people for the first time,” Nguyen said in a statement.

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The Alpha demo offered participants the ability to explore three distinct galleries by switching between various 3D-ready NFT avatars via a menu system, walking around and experiencing different hyper-realistic environments.

“Beyond being an exciting experience, the main goal of the Alpha demo was to show the proof of concept of Project Origin’s ability to dynamically load NFTs into three virtual art galleries, on two blockchains. distinct (Ethereum and Polygon),” LGL said. .

HoK is currently developing the Project Origin metaverse ecosystem and digital distribution service. The studio strives to provide users with a spectacular 3D world in which to create, share, learn, and thrive, while providing people, communities, creators, and businesses with the ability to engage in a hyper-realistic environment.

All of the company’s current NFT collections have been 3D rigged for Project Origin. By connecting their wallets to Project Origin, users will be able to access advanced features and interact with NFTs and communities in new ways such as:

  • PLAY – Mini-games and activities will be customized based on the NFTs they have
  • TRADE – Real-time NFT swaps will be able to be performed, similar to trading charts
  • WIN – Earning coins and rewards in the environment will further incentivize engagement
  • ENGAGE – Communities and creators can engage on a new level by hosting live events and providing a new level of communication

The Project Origin metaverse is designed with a focus on hyperrealism and state-of-the-art utilities. Users, communities and businesses will be able to engage in a premium digital space that will be enjoyable and immersive. With 20 planned environments inspired by the real world, Project Origin will function as the ultimate portal to the next generation of metaverse experiences.

Additionally, Project Origin is built with HTML5 interoperability so brands can leverage their existing web experiences and existing design teams can work to quickly deliver compelling displays to the world.

“Miami NFT Week has been a great opportunity to interact with countless members of the Web3 community as part of Miami Tech Month as a whole. I think we’ve made a strong impression on many industry leaders with our metaverse ecosystem and I can’t wait for more people to experience our hyper-realistic virtual world once the Pocket Dimension land plot sale ends on April 17 and Project Origin becomes live this year,” Nguyen noted.

HoK designs and manages a next-generation metaverse for 3D assets, which allows functional art and collectibles to exist simultaneously in different NFT blockchain environments. He has successfully released digital assets to include GenZeroes, which sold out in just 37 minutes for total proceeds of C$6.2 million to LGL, in addition to a perpetual 5% royalty stream on secondary market sales.

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