Marshfield Hosts First Activities Awards Ceremony

By Alyssa Andrews [email protected]

Marshfield High School adds to the long list of festive events in May with its first-ever Activity Awards Ceremony. On May 11, high school students were recognized for their hard work in a variety of activities including: cheering, dancing, speech and debate, band, choir, football, volleyball, cross country, soccer, softball , golf, swimming, basketball, wrestling and athletics.

Congratulations to this year’s MSHSAA Achievement Award recipients for their exemplary display of character, ethics and sportsmanship:

Aimsley Devoto – Bravo

Chelsey Brown – JayWalkers

Bryna Norman – Speech and Debate

Avery Byars – Group

Jensen King – Chorus

Bryant Bull – Soccer

Mollie Thomas – Volleyball

Zach Mitchell – Cross Country

Calli Watson Girls Soccer

Justin Hanson – Boys Soccer

Hayleigh Cantrell – Softball

Owen Curley – baseball

Marlee Edgeman – Women’s Golf

Luke Gardner – Boys Golf

Baylee Cottengim – Swimming Girls

Preston Dotson – Boys Swimming

Lauren Luebbert – Women’s Basketball

Zack Mings – Boys Basketball

Josselynn Yates – Girls Wrestling

Dusty Stevens – Boys Wrestling

Macie Vestal Girls – Athletics

Cooper Kimrey Boys – Athletics

Some students have received even higher honors for their efforts both in the classroom and in the field or on stage.

Sportsmanship Award:

Alaura Padgett and Jeremy Graham

Blue Jay Prestige Award:

Maggie Melvin and Logan Miller

Outstanding Athlete:

Kiana Massie and Peyton McBride

Outstanding performance:

Allie Houston and Lucas Crump

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