Meet the 2022 Red Bull Dance Your Style National Finalists

This year, 16 Red Bull Dance Your Style finalists have been selected and will compete in the third national final on July 6.

The brand will host the first in-person contest since the Covid-19 pandemic on July 6 at Di Lot in Kingston, Jamaica.

Eight of the finalists were selected from online submissions by a jury, and the other 8 were wildcards chosen by renowned dancer, choreographer and host of this year’s finale, Latonya Styles.

The 16 finalists will compete in multiple rounds of battle judged solely by the public.

This year’s winner will join dancer Flexx Cautiion – 2021 Champion – and together they will represent Jamaica on the world stage at the 2022 Red Bull Dance Your Style World Finals, taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa on 5 december.

Coming from a variety of backgrounds, disciplines and interests, the 16 finalists all have one thing in common: an innate love for dance and Jamaican dance culture.

Three females and 13 males make up the group of 16 that will compete on July 6.

This year’s judge’s picks include Barbie K Dolly, Leo Anchovxy, Chocolate Thunder, Pure Flow, Skitta Star, Mykal Ziun, Wayne Fantastic, and Busty Don Impact.

While the generic selection includes Maahjesty, AJ Byns Impact, JayChin Xqlusiv, Omar CleanStep, Joel Immortal, Smilez, Chiney Gymnastic and Tha Curly Hair Kid.

Versatility and strength are key success factors in competition, with a secondary focus on strength in performance and personality.

The team is proud to return to the in-person format because for this type of competition where dancers are judged by the crowd’s response, being able to feed off the energy of the crowd gives a unique edge to each competitor’s overall performance. .

“I’m really so happy that we’re back in person this year,” Latonya Styles shared enthusiastically.

Styles is a world-renowned Jamaican dancer, choreographer, event organizer and affiliated with Red Bull Jamaica’s Dance Your Style since its inception.

She went on to say, “Dancers have a better opportunity to express themselves and feed off the energy of the crowd, which really improves each competitor’s overall performance. Dance Your Style isn’t just about who’s popular or who can do Dancehall. They must be versatile and they must be strong and have strong characters and personalities. Dance is drama, so they have to bring that full package.

When asked why the Dance Your Style platform is so important, she replied that “talent needs to be exposed. Yes they dance, and yes they are in Jamaica, but Jamaica is really a dot on the globe, so sometimes the whole world doesn’t see our greatness or see us really representing ourselves and being the ones that are highlighted . Often it is foreigners who come here or use our music and dance moves. Their content goes viral, they are the ones who are highlighted, great international artists using our movements in their clips. A platform like this goes back to the roots, shows our creators, our dancers, shows the origin and really highlights us, our talent and our abilities. The world is listening and when we go on this world stage people will know that we love but we talawah and we can do anything. It’s not just athletics, not just Bob Marley and music, but also bad pon di dancing!

Beginning in 2018, with the first World Finals held in 2019, Red Bull Dance Your Style offers a unique battle format and has become a platform for street dancers of all styles – from hip hop to house and beyond. by popping, locking and more – to showcase their skills.

In the competition, they are challenged with unpredictable musical hits and crowned by the vote of the crowd.

Contestants must win over the audience as they ultimately decide who will lead the dance floor.

This year 2022, Dancehall was also introduced as an official format.

The final will take place on July 6 and will take place at Di Lot, 33 Constant Spring Road.

Doors open at 7 p.m. Music and entertainment will be provided by Bishop Escobar, but the main event will be hosted by Latonya Styles.

Audience attendance and participation are crucial to the success of the event, which is why members of Jamaica’s diverse dance community, as well as lovers of dance, music, entertainment and culture, are encouraged to come and support their favorite dancers.

About Red Bull Dance Your Style

Red Bull Dance Your Style is a global series of all-style street dance events with a unique battle format. From hip hop to house, locking to popping, dancers participating in Red Bull Dance Your Style will have to wow the crowd and ultimately earn their vote. Testing freestyle skills and musicality through unpredictable mainstream tunes ranging from recent global hits to classic beats, Red Bull Dance Your Style will let the crowd decide who will rule the dance floor.

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