My City – Five activities you can do in Kathmandu

There may be days when you are bored and want to do something entertaining. Watching movies, talking to friends is one thing, but here are five suggestions for something different you can try for a productive day. A great way to hang out with your friends and have fun in a different way.

house of pallets

Photo: Pallet House / Facebook

Art is a great way to relax and spend free time. At the house of palettes, the studio provides you with all the art products giving you all day artist guidance to create a work of art. Find a day with your family and do something you dream of even if it’s not. Spend a relaxing day with your loved ones and take home your proud piece of art to hang on the wall.

The best archery

Photo: The Best Archery Pvt. Ltd./Facebook

The best archery is a great place where you can go for fun or to learn archery and your aim. Go with your friends, mock each other’s goals or try to hit the bullseye and shock them.

Skip KTM

Photo: Skip KTM/Facebook

In jump KTM there are lots of fun activities that you can try with your friends or family. Jumping off ledges, trampolines and getting tired in a fun way is always awesome!

House of Selfies

Photo: Selfie House/Facebook

House of selfies is a place where you can literally go – to take selfies. Amazing place, with ball pools decoration, pink studios to make your instagram more beautiful! Going out with friends, taking crazy photos is always fun.

land of fun

Photo: Samikshya Sharma/Facebook

A fun place to ice skate, jump on the trampolines with fun obstacle activities to do, hence the appeal of Fun land. Find a day with your friends, jump on trampolines and have a great time.

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