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It is quite surprising how bestiality, the act of having sex with animals, also known as bestiality, is gradually gaining ground in our climate lately. News of women in Lagos and other metropolitan cities in Nigeria having sex with dogs has been rampant lately. Why would humans created in the image of God fall to such an abysmal moral level, and what can justify a person’s decision to sleep with an animal? These remained a puzzle in search of answers. While some speculate about the pornographic content, others say it could be for recreational purposes.
Nevertheless, it is suspected that desperation for money and excessive pursuit of power and influence cannot be ruled out as reasons behind such a despicable act. The viral video of a woman sleeping with a dog speaks volumes about the disregard for moral values ​​and the word of God. This is one of the characteristics of the depravity and gross sexual perversion of our time. It reveals a consciousness that is no longer alive. Thus, the maxim of Othman Dan Fodio according to which “the conscience is an open wound, only the truth can heal”, finds no expression.
It is worthy of being a woman. Like men, women are created in the image of God. Women are the gateway to earthly life. We owe our existence to God first and on a lighter side, to woman. An ungodly woman has the power to decide which pregnancy to keep or not. Such is the power of women. However, the recent video of a woman having sex with a dog for a pittance of N1.5 million leaves a lot to be desired and a very bad taste in her mouth. Although the bloody incident is a common phenomenon, it is a sustenance for the lowest people – women who are depraved and have no respect for morality.
This unfortunate development is also associated with some men, who are said to sleep with animals either for pleasure or for ritual purposes. This is madness.
Humans sleeping with animals is something you shouldn’t hear about. He reduces them to the level of the animal he sleeps with, because sex is a function of compatibility. Those involved in such an illicit relationship admit that they are one and the same soul and body. The act results in a soul tie, an unholy union.
I wonder if there is a creature capable of sexual reproduction that sleeps with a creature outside of its species except humans. Even in the kingdom of animals and birds, there is no sexual incompatibility. For example, the dog does not have sex with the goat, the pig also does not mate with another animal, the poultry will seek its opposite species.
If animals that act by instinct, do not reason, beings moral and not created in the image of God stick to their species, what can attract a man to an animal? It shows a height of disrespect for the dignity of humans.
Look at the creation account. God created male and female animals. “He created them male and female” and after their kind to perpetuate the regeneration and multiplication of such creatures. This explains why God commanded Noah to preserve animals after their kind in the ark before the flood that devastated the then world.
If God had wanted man to sleep with an animal or for an animal to mate with animals of another species, there would be no need to create the opposite human or animal sex. Any of Eden’s many animals would have sufficed for sexual gratification, companionship, and fellowship for Adam.
Adam also recognized Eve’s uniqueness in gender parity, thus he declared: This is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh, she shall be called a woman. Interestingly, there was no lag. Even the Very Wise God knows that a mating of two strange creatures would create a complicated breeding outcome. No doubt the product of such a carnal relationship will have a dual nature. The product will develop the characteristics of both creatures. What should be the product of a sexual relationship between a woman and a dog, if any, or what will the product of such an illicit relationship look like?
No doubt we are in the last of the last days, so much so that the world will be flooded with worse scenes to the detriment of those who indulge in them.
In his graphic narration and prediction of certain human depravities that will inevitably lead to God’s judgment, Paul, the fearless evangelist and staunch supporter of moral observance, declares without mincing his words: being filled with all injustice, sexual immorality…without natural affection, implacable…who, knowing the judgment of God, that those who do such things are worthy of death, not only do likewise, but take pleasure in those who do them (Rom. 1:29- 32).
Bestiality is a sexual perversion, it is a sin against God, a crime against humanity and an affront to the sensitivities of reasonable and conscientious people. Those who indulge in it unconsciously admit that they are beasts, not humans.
What does the Nigerian bestiality law say? Even under Nigerian law, the unlawful and dehumanizing act of sleeping with an animal is punishable. The Criminal Code Act criminalizes sleeping with an animal and prohibits all sexual acts that are contrary to “the order of nature.” He faces fourteen years in prison if convicted under Section 214 of the Criminal Code Act and Section 284 of the Criminal Code Act.
Section 214 of the Criminal Code Act states that “any person who (1) has carnal intercourse with a person against the order of nature or (2) has carnal intercourse with an animal or (3) allows a man to have carnal intercourse with him against the order of nature, is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for fourteen years”.
Along the same lines, Section 284 of the Penal Code Act also criminalizes all sexual acts that are not in accordance with the “order of nature”. The law states that “Anyone who has unnatural carnal relations with a man, woman or animal shall be punished with imprisonment for up to fourteen years and shall also be liable to a fine”.
What is “the order of nature”? From my secular point of view, this would involve carnal intercourse between a man and a woman in a decent manner or behavior. Anything undecent is criminal, including rape. The danger associated with such inglorious acts cannot be treated lightly.
A former Canadian Executive Director of the Animal Justice Group, Camille Labchuk, once said, “People who sexually abuse animals are sometimes also linked to the sexual abuse of children.” The perpetrators are generally considered psychopaths. Sexual contact with animals (SCA) has significant health consequences that have not been discussed by the media, animal rights advocates, and lawmakers. Now that this act has made its way into our society, it is important to highlight the major health risks of ACS as well as to educate healthcare professionals about this problem, as it is underestimated in the medical literature. .
Besides being a crime against nature and a real crime, bestiality can be fatal and deadly. It is considered taboo in modern society, but reported prevalence rates range from 8.3% to 4.9% for men and 3.6% to 1.9% for women in the normal population . [4-6]. However, in inpatient psychiatry, its prevalence rate is very high (55%), leading to the suggestion that questions about ACS should be included in psychiatric clinical interviews.
Zoonotic diseases or zoonoses are animal diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans. Although over 200 zoonoses have been identified, they can be caused by bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses. Among which, the three most dangerous include; Leptospirosis, Echinococcosis and Rabies.
Leptospirosis: Contact with the sexual organs of dogs, cattle, pigs, horses and sheep can transmit this bacterial disease to humans. Leptospirosis can cause meningitis which is fatal in about 10% of cases. Echinococcosis: Parasitic worms on the face of dogs, cats, and sheep can cause this disease. The worms cause cysts in the lungs, liver, brain, spleen, heart and kidneys. If left untreated, this disease can be fatal.
Rage; one of the most serious zoonoses, it is transmitted through the saliva of cats, dogs and horses, affects the central nervous system and is almost always fatal if not treated soon after exposure. In addition to the diseases one can get from SCA, there is also a risk of injury that can be caused by large animals such as horses during sex.
ACS is also a risk factor for urological diseases in humans. In a study of 118 penile cancer patients, 44.9% of patients reported SCA, leading to the conclusion that sex with animals is a risk factor for penile cancer and may be associated with venereal diseases.
According to the World Health Organization, although zoonoses pose significant public health risks, they are not prioritized by global health systems. Hundreds of thousands of people are affected by these diseases, although most of them are preventable. zoophilia is a significant community health issue right now, so it is high time that countries take the necessary steps to address this crime and stop minimizing the seriousness of zoophilia
Nevertheless, the fear of God and the reorientation of values ​​by family, society and government are ways to overcome the problem of sexual perversion. Everyone who has an interest in society has an obligation in good conscience to protect the sanctity of morality. All stakeholders must be at the forefront of the titanic struggle to zealously uphold moral and ethical values.
Let’s fight bestiality. It violates the dignity of the human being.

By: Igbiki Benibo & Sylvia ThankGod-Amadi

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