On guard! Battle Dance takes over Miami with the Red Bull Dance Your Style contest

If it can be considered drugs, you can count on Red Bull to back it up. July 27 marked the Miami leg of Red Bull’s Dance Your Style competition. International Dance brings the crowd to judge passionate dancers who are challenged to dance freestyle on a wheel of melodies.

STORY Nightclub in Miami Beach was the setting, and it was electric with anticipation for the first battle. Generous amounts of refreshing Red Bull, DJ Zea and host Rudi Goblen kept the energy going, along with special guest dance crews Magic City Crew and Show Stopper Studio.

stupidDOPE was there among hundreds of enthusiastic spectators for 16 rounds of fun and intense competition where LED wristbands were the innovative way of voting. The dancers stood in the center of the dance floor on a red or blue circle to begin their round. After each battle, the lights would go out and an excited crowd would choose red or blue on their wristbands to signify their favorite dancer.

Crowd favorites included Tampa’s JepStar who mixed his lockdown style with a bit of magic and humor, sweetface who taught us the New York Litefeet dance style, and NRGi whose classic break dance lit up the crowd. However, one of the closest battles of the night took place between Kidd and night storm. The bracelet count was so close that they played two more games before Kidd advanced to the next round.

He pulled out of that battle and challenged Sweetface to a three-round final battle. Sweetface put on a good show, but in the end, Amaleke Kidd Bradley of Pompano Beach, Florida earned top honors and thunderous applause summing up another successful leg of the Red Bull Dance Your Style competition. Kidd was celebrated at an after party at STORY after the event ended.

Next weekend the competition continues with two more qualifiers taking place in Boston House of Blues on August 2, then again on August 3 at Generations Hall in New Orleans. Once these qualifications are completed, the winners of each stage will have the chance to participate in the American finals of Dance Your Style in Las Vegas. The winning international dancers will ultimately converge on Paris for the Dance Your Style World Final on October 12.

The competition in Miami was a lot of fun and by the end of the whole Dance Your Style race, the dance will have traveled to 30 countries. Red Bull’s goal with Dance Your Style is to strengthen the global dance community, and from what we saw on Saturday, they are succeeding. If you want to soak up the energy of Red Bull Dance, click on the links above to get tickets and see more photos in our gallery.

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