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The name Memek Hamlet in the town of Jombang Sentry comes as a surprise to many as it refers to female genitals. Regarding the origin of the name of the village, it is for the moment only a hereditary story which cannot be believed to be true.

Memek Hamlet is located in Tanjung Wadung Village, Kabuh District, Jombang Regency. His name is clearly displayed at the entrance to this village. Not only that, the hamlet of Memek is also linked to the identity cards of its inhabitants.

The name Dusun memek refers to female genitals as many people pronounce it wrong. In fact, the two words e in the word memak are the same as the syllables in drift, out of the present word, or re in the overwritten word.

Sarmin (70), an elder from Memek hamlet, said the 32.9 hectare village was called Dusun Katul. According to him, katul in Javanese means sound and female genitalia. He takes this story from his father, the late Saleh Sumostro, who died around 1974.

“Then it was changed to memake because katul was considered inappropriate. I think it was changed by our grandmothers before, I don’t know when it was. My dad knew the story was like His life Back then, my dad’s name was Memake,” Sarmin said while speaking. datecast On the occasion of your busy pepper plantations, Friday (29/7/2022).

Memek Hamlet the Elder, Sarmin (70) / Photo: Enggran Eko Budianto / Detikjatim

This grandfather of 4 grandchildren was born 70 years ago in the hamlet of Memek. He did not know the history of the establishment of this village. Sarmin reported that Katul, formerly the name of the hamlet of Memek, continues to inspire local residents today.

One of them concerns the existence of Punden Dok Katul in the rice fields north of this village. According to Sarmin, the word Dok comes from Ledoc which means rice field. While Katul is the name of the village where he was born in ancient times.

He explained, “People here always wear genang katul or genang bran when feasting in Punden, until now, whenever they plant and cut, it has become a tradition.”

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