Paris Hilton Invests in NFT Platform’s Origin Protocol and Launches More NFTs

American media personality, socialite, and businesswoman Paris Hilton decided to jump on the bandwagon of non-fungible tokens by investing in the original protocol of the NFT platform.

What happened: Hilton is also launching its second “New Beginnings, Past Lives” NFT collection on Origin Protocol using its upcoming Origin Story platform, according to a Fortune Thursday. report.

The platform aims to support the technical aspects of NFT creation and allow creators to focus on the content they intend to tokenize.

Regarding the platform’s strategy to bring non-encrypted native users to Origin Story, Origin Protocol co-founder Matthew Liu told Benzinga, “Origin Story allows NFT creators to sell on their own terms. Creators can launch their own smart contracts and NFTs on their own. websites, allowing them to tell their stories in the most authentic way possible. They have full creative control. Many other markets are gatekeepers. Creators have to wait months to drop, and then they’re forced into marketplace formats. Origin Story democratizes NFT creation for the masses. Additionally, Origin Story is free to use for creators who choose to own and stake OGN, making it an obvious option for up-and-coming and established superstars.

NFT prices range from $11.11 for a collage featuring Hilton’s relationship with her husband to $11,111 for limited-edition tokens with the physical benefit of a VIP pass to Resorts World in Las Vegas.

She said that “as an undercover nerd and someone who loves learning about innovative technologies, I’ve always taken pride in predicting the next big thing” and she “started investing in crypto in 2016.”

Hilton first got involved in NFTs for a charity in aid of the Australian wildfires in 2019, which led her to believe that “it was a space of limitless potential”, in particular highlighting how they allow content creators to capitalize on secondary sales.

Metthew Liu also commented on Hilton’s NFT launch: “The Paris drop is very exciting. She reflects her own transformation from the world’s first influencer into the media mogul, businesswoman and loving wife she is today. Beyond showcasing her artistic talents, Paris also serves as an evangelist and advocate for the entire NFT community. Its NFTs can be purchased with credit cards for those inexperienced with cryptocurrency. Additionally, her “My Forever Fairytale” NFT provides unparalleled access to her life. Select NFT holders will earn bonus prizes and experiences like virtual and in-person dating, signed photo prints, bonus NFTs, and Origin Tokens (OGN), the native cryptocurrency of the Origin platform. One lucky winner will even receive the Parisian wedding dress and sunglasses from her wedding.”

The news also follows reports in January that she purchased a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT.

Paris Hilton in 2019. Photo by Mr_Dume via Wikimedia.

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