PBR Home State Captains Announcement

Aaron Kleier will captain the Queensland team.

Anticipation is gearing up for the PBR Australia 2022 Origin tournament to determine the reigning state champion, with two of the sport’s best, Aaron Kleier and Cody Heffernan, announced as team captains for Queensland and Nova Scotia respectively. South Wales.

The PBR Origin series will start in Newcastle on March 26, followed by Tamworth on April 23 and Brisbane on May 21.

Mr Kleier, a four-time defending PBR Australia champion, says he is determined to lead his Queensland side to victory for the third consecutive year.

“I’m looking forward to riding as a team with the Queensland boys and representing our state with them. To put on this maroon jersey is truly an honour,” said Mr Kleier, who was also an integral member of the Queensland team for the inaugural PBR Origin event in 2019 and the state’s last victory in 2021.

“Because bull riding is such an individual sport, it’s good to have the chance to ride together as a team. It just has an exciting and different feel to any other event.

However, New South Wales captain Cody Heffernan, who was crowned 2016 Australian PBR champions, said New South Wales were fighting for revenge against their Queensland counterparts and hopes his home country’s advantage for the first two events will give them the upper hand. hand.

“We’re going to get to know the bulls a little bit better and we’ll get to know them better, but even so, the work remains the same,” says Heffernan.

“We just have to show up and get the job done and we can’t wait to beat Queensland.”

Mr. Heffernan also participated in both iterations of the PBR Origin; however, the 2022 tournament will mark his first as the New South Wales team captain.

“It’s an absolute honor to be selected as captain and to lead the charge with the boys,” he continued.

“I look forward to the atmosphere created by Origin events. We rarely ride in a team format, and there is no better team competition in Australia than New South Wales v Queensland.

PBR Australia Managing Director Glen Young says the series will play a crucial role in determining who qualifies for the Monster Energy PBR Australia Grand Finals to be held in Townsville in November, which is notably the most popular bulls event. richer not just in Australia, but the whole southern hemisphere.

“There’s up to $30,000 in prizes up for grabs at the first two Origin events and $40,000 up for grabs in Brisbane,” Mr Young said.

“The top driver in the series receives a $20,000 bonus and this year’s Australian Monster Energy PBR Champion will receive a $50,000 year-end bonus.

“We look forward to kicking off the series in Newcastle in just over two weeks and seeing which team will claim the first win.”

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