Pete Davidson has reportedly finalized a deal to join an upcoming Blue Origin flight

SNL comedian Pete Davidson, who once played an astronaut on a skit with Elon Musk, could be a passenger on an upcoming Blue Origin flight, reported page 6. The Jeff Bezos-owned commercial travel company has successfully launched three crewed spaceflights in the past year. A source close to Davidson said that while he has yet to sign an official contract, details are being finalized. The 28-year-old’s desire to be launched into space at a cost of $2.5 million per minute is unlikely to have appeared out of nowhere. In fact, Davidson and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian had dinner with Jeff Bezos and his partner Lauren Sanchez earlier this year. According to the Page Six source, Davidson “got along really well” with Bezos.

How much will Davidson’s trip to outer space cost? Blue Origin has been notoriously tight-lipped about the price of seats on its future flights. The winning bid at a public auction for a seat on the first-ever Blue Origin flight was $28 million. The winner, Justin Sun, CEO of blockchain platform Tron, later had to give up his seat due to “scheduling conflicts” (luckily he was able to reschedule the unique experience to another date). But the actual price of a seat is probably much lower. The cost of upcoming suborbital flights via Richard Branson’s commercial airline, Virgin Galactic, is a much more frugal $400,000. Bezos has said in previous interviews that a seat on Blue Origin’s New Shepard would likely be in the same stadium. Considering Davidson’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million, it’s likely to be more appropriate for his budget range. Not all Blue Origin passengers had to pay, so it’s possible Davidson got a better deal.

New Glenn’s next flight is scheduled to take off sometime in the fourth quarter of 2022. Thanks to renewed celebrity interest in Bezo’s commercial space venture, Davidson will actually be the third SNL alum to join a Blue Origin flight. Former Blue Origin passengers William Shatner and Bezos have both hosted SNL.

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