Red Bull Dance Your Style gears up for 2020 US tour

Red Bull dance your style returns with a tour across the United States to put the best street dance styles into one-on-one competition.

The dance competition will bring together the best hip-hop, popping, waacking, locking, krumping, house and flexing dancers from across America on one platform to show off their competitive creativity.

The public will choose the winners of each qualifier for the National Finals weekend in Washington DC April 23-25. Wildcard dancers will compete in the Last Chance Qualifying Competition prior to the DC National Competition. This will include popper and hip hop extraordinaire Angyil, hip hop and jookin pro Sheopatra, popper and waacking
star Lily and a master in many styles, Lil O (hip hop, house, popping and locking).

Red Bull Dance Your Style Qualifiers will take place in New Orleans on March 13 at the Republic NOLA. The competition will then move to Denver and Boston. The Dance Your Style USA National Finals will span a full weekend this year and include workshops, artist performances and the Last Chance Qualifier, with all the action starting Thursday April 23-25 ​​with events.
which takes place across DC at the Culture House, Showroom and Howard Theater.


  • March 13 – New Orleans Red Bull Dance Your Style @ Republic NOLA Qualifier
  • Denver, Colorado — Location and information to come
  • April 10 – Boston Red Bull Dance Your Style @ Liberty Hall Qualifier at Revere Hotel Boston
  • Houston, TX — Location and information to come
  • April 23- April 25 – Red Bull Dance Your Style US National Finals at washington d.c. @ Culture House, The Showroom and The Howard Theater

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