Red Bull Dance Your Style kicks off in Boston with high-energy competition and creativity (recap)

The quest to find the best street dancer in the country is on as the Red Bull dance your style the competition series has officially begun!

Last Thursday (April 7), the first one-on-one street dancing competition made its first stop at Boston’s House of Blues and the energy inside the iconic venue was incomparable.

Sixteen dancers gave it their all in the bracket-style tournament to show off their best moves in hip-hop, house, waacking, turfing, krumping, popping and everything in between, as they hoped to ‘wow’ the crowd to win their vote and advance to the next round.

“I don’t really get nervous until the moment just before – that’s when I start to feel the nerves a bit – but it’s adrenaline and it usually helps,” Princess Lockeroo recount Celebrity Secrets journalist Juliet Schroder exclusively behind the scenes before the big competition.

Princess Lockeroo attends Red Bull Dance Your Style in Boston, USA on April 7, 2022. Photo courtesy Red Bull Media Pool.

Each dancer had to test their freestyle skills and musicality through unpredictable mainstream tracks ranging from recent global hits to classic beats, which can sometimes be a challenge for dancers when there is a lot at stake.

“My style is waacking and it’s usually done to disco music. I know I won’t necessarily get the kind of music I usually dance to, so it’s really about following the music and just tapping into that vibe. Princess Lockeroo revealed.

companion competitor BrandStackz echoes saying, “I just went. I’m just in the moment and all I feel is what y’all are going to get. As far as preparation goes, there are a lot of things you can do like watching footage or studying, but I’m at that point in my dancing career where I can just show up and show myself.

Stiggity Stackz attends Red Bull Dance Your Style in Boston, USA on April 7, 2022 // Kien Quan / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202204090042 // Editorial Use Only //

After several rounds of dancing, a final battle ensued between Rhode Island native Providence Nano and Sadboy Shakur originally from Hartford, CT. Nano and Sadboy Shakur both ~delivered~ when it came to their freestyle routines, however, it was Nano who won over the roaring crowd with his intricate moves, off-the-beaten-track creativity and technical musicality.

“The energy was beautiful. It was exactly what I needed,” Nano told Schroder moments after being crowned the winner. “Everyone was giving off all this positive energy and it was amazing.”

Asked about his winning strategy, Nano says he sticks to a rule his mentor taught him, and that is to simply have fun. “I always go there having fun. My mentor told me many times to just have fun and put my heart into it,” he said.

“So I generally don’t like having combos because I feel like it limits my style,” he added. “I feel like I’ve been put in a box [when I have a routine]so I take whatever is in the moment and use it to my advantage on the dance floor.

As for where he puts his trophy? Somewhere he will be able to admire it of course, but out of reach of his nine-month-old daughter.

“[My trophy is going] somewhere up high so my baby can’t get there,” he joked. She’s gonna put her mouth on it. She’s nine months old, so I have to put it on [somewhere high].”

Red Bull dance your style travels to Tampa tonight (April 16) before heading to Chicago (April 24), Washington DC (April 30), Oakland (May 6) and Atlanta (May 13). The two-day National Final is scheduled to take place in New Orleans on May 21-22, 2022, during which Nano will compete for a chance to represent the United States at the World Finals of the competition in New York City later. This year.

You can watch our videos with some of the contestants below and keep them locked to Celeb Secrets to learn more about Red Bull Dance Your Style this season.

Quotes have been edited for clarity.

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