Red Bull Dance Your Style Stockholm 2022: what you need to know

The worldwide phenomenon of street dancing Dance your style comes to Stockholm – a chance for dancers and spectators to get involved and celebrate dance, music and performance. An afternoon full of good vibes as 16 of Sweden’s best street dancers take to the stage to wow the crowds. From hip hop and house to lock and pop, it’s an all-style fight format where the audience decides who moves on to the next round. The winner will represent Sweden in the world final in Johannesburg Later this year.

This is your chance to immerse yourself in the Swedish street dance scene, enjoy outstanding performances and close battles while voting for your favorite dancer to win.

Dancers meet in one-on-one battles where the audience decides who wins

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What exactly is Dance Your Style?

Red Bull Dance Your Style is a global series of all-style street dance events with a unique battle format. This year alone, the event is taking place in 33 countries with over 130 events worldwide. For the first time, the event stops in Sweden with a unique national final held in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm.

The competition is a mixed battle between 16 handpicked dancers from all over Sweden. The dancers compete in a freestyle dance, as at the evenings of yesteryear. As all styles are welcome, this means that every battle is an exchange of the diverse and different styles that exist in street dancing. Audiences can see hip-hop, popping, house, locking, and other street dance styles.

The dancers don’t know which song is coming next and have to frestyle

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Freestyle skills and ability are very useful in a combat format

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As for the music the dancers battle to, the DJ will spin well-known tracks for each round, randomly selecting different genres to test the dancer’s ability to perform and adapt their dance styles to the rhythm of the beat.

Is there a twist? Of course there are. And that’s where you come in. Instead of a panel of experts, the public decides who wins each battle and moves on to the next round.


What does it mean that “the public decides who wins”?

It’s just how it sounds. There is no panel of experts or judges. The fate of the dancers is solely in the hands of the public, who can vote for their favorite at every turn. The dancer with the most votes wins the battle and advances to the next round.

How does it actually work? Well, it’s really easy. Upon arriving at the event, each member of the public receives a voting card. It is red on one side and blue on the other. At the end of each battle, everyone in the audience holds up the color of the dancer they think is the best. The dancer with the most cards wins.

Red or blue? It’s up to you to decide who wins and moves on to the next round

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Who owns the dance floor? you decide

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When and where is the event? And do I need a ticket?

The event is in Kungsträdgården on August 27 between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. You don’t need a ticket or reservation, all you have to do is show up on the day and have fun.

As if one street dancing contest wasn’t enough, there’s also a street food party happening at the same time in Kungsträdgården, so you can enjoy delicious food while being wowed by some of Sweden’s best street dancers. Sounds like a good day, huh?

16 of Sweden’s best street dancers will compete in Kungsträdgården

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Which dancers are competing?

16 hand-picked dancers from across Sweden will compete for the chance to win the hearts of the public as well as the chance to represent Sweden at the World Finals in Johannesburg later this year. From hip hop to krumping, there’s a huge mix of styles and dancers eager to show what they’ve got.

Learn more about who the dancers are here.

Street dance is an umbrella term for several dance styles originated in the streets, including hip hop, house, locking, and popping. All styles are unique and different from each other with different skills and moves. Many styles were born on the streets in America, with deep social and political cultures.

Come and soak up the good vibes and enjoy the music, dancing and cool performances

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The Swedish scene is not huge compared to other countries but has nevertheless evolved certain characters which make the style unique to this country. Let the Swedish krump dancer Savanna “Swonana” Hanneryd and hip hop dancer Gauthier Mabambu tell you more – click here for the full story.

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