Red Bull’s Dance Your Style contest returns this spring to find the country’s best street dancer

It’s back and better than ever! Red Bull dance your style returns to several cities across the country for its annual event this spring, and we’ve got the inside scoop on what to expect from the first one-on-one street dancing competition before it kicks off tomorrow, April 7. .

This year, the event is expected to amp up dance scenes across the country, as the event will take place in cities like Boston (April 7), Tampa (April 16), Chicago (April 24), Washington D.C. (April 30 ), Oakland (May 6) and Atlanta (May 13) before making its final two-day stop in New Orleans (May 21-22), determining who will represent the United States at the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final in New York later this year.

Contestant performs at Red Bull Dance Your Style in Cairo, Egypt on March 18, 2022 // Hesham Marcelo / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202203220289 // Editorial Use Only //

For those who don’t know, Red Bull dance your style is a global series of all-style street dance events with a unique combat format. From hip hop to house, from locking to popping – dancers participating in RBDYS will have to “wow” the crowd and ultimately earn their vote. Test freestyle skills and musicality through unpredictable mainstream tracks ranging from recent world hits to classic beats, Red Bull dance your style the crowd will decide who will lead the dance floor.

On March 23, Red Bull celebrated the unveiling of the 2022 season by hosting a launch party in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. With the Celeb Secrets team being one of the lucky few invited, guests (including us) were greeted with a Red Bull fanny pack, unlimited Mexican food, an open bar and a killer DJ. Upon entering the party, we discovered a massive dance floor with neon lights filled with dancers from all over dancing to the beat. We were even treated to a special dance featuring Breaking, Popping, and Krumping, which ultimately foreshadowed what to expect from the competition this season.

Held at Red Bull Dance Your Style in Cairo, Egypt on March 18, 2022 // Hesham Marcelo / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202203220292 // Editorial Use Only //

The Celeb Secrets team will be heading to Boston tomorrow April 7, to see all the LIVE and IN-PERSON action for the first leg of the premier one-on-one street dance competition. Taking place at Fenway’s legendary House of Blues, the event will be hosted by Melisa Valdez & True P with DJ Baby Indigloaccompanied by a performance by Afrobeats Dance Boston. It will feature sixteen current generation freestylers competing against each other to test their skills, creativity and musicality. You can buy tickets here.

Tomorrow, the sixteen dancers expected to fight include bestialStaccato, 4IN, Zuce, Princess Lockerooo, Nano, Pumpkin, Lady Beast, Unfortunately Shakur, Too Missy Boog, Lady Ice, KitKatStiggity Stackz, Llorenz, Passion and A-Boogz.

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With additional reporting by Treasure Wilson.

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