Ron Howard Does An Unexpected Superhero Origin Story

Stephane Colbert joked that Ron Howard had finally made his first superhero movie. The statement, however, is actually quite accurate.

In “We feed people“says Howard Jose Andres‘ journey from glitzy James Beard Award-winning chef (the culinary equivalent of the Oscars) to rambling do-it-yourself humanitarian aid activist. He might not scream”wonder origin story”, but it has all the ingredients (pun intended).

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At just under 90 minutes, Howard’s documentary mirrors the pace at which Andrés himself seems to move. Here is the synopsis:

From Haiti to Madagascar, from North Carolina to the Navajo Nation, from Puerto Rico to Washington, DC, and around the world, the food aid NGO World Central Kitchen [WCK] accelerated to the places of crisis to meet the most urgent human needs: feeding communities that suddenly find themselves with limited access to food. Founded by Chef José Andrés — acclaimed restaurateur, James Beard, award-winning chef and recipient of the National Humanities Medal – in 2010 the group is the first on the frontlines, providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises, and builds resilient food systems with local solutions. Starting from the idea of ​​”one plate at a time” and recruiting local communities and cooks in disaster-stricken areas, WCK puts into practice Andrés’ long-held belief that “the big problems have very simple solutions.

Since Andrés came to the United States from Spain over 30 years ago and began a remarkable culinary career that has flourished in nearly a dozen cities internationally, his passion and the his life’s work went hand in hand with activism. Consider the fight against hunger as the first and most vital line of help and who often gets bogged down in bureaucracy and bureaucracy, Andrés and WCK have be part of a global and energetic team supporting food security one plate at a time.

“We Feed People” was produced by Brian GrazerHoward, Sara Bernstein, Justin Wilkes, Meredith Kaulfersand Walter Matteson; and executive produced by Nate Mook, Caroline Bernstein, Michael Rosenberg, Louisa Velisand Richard Wolff. Attend the world premiere on Disney+May 27, and watch the trailer below.

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