Sonia Gandhi among a long line of illustrious Indians of foreign origin: Bhupinder Singh Hooda

In the late 1990s, when Congress was faltering, Smt Sonia Gandhi provided cohesive vision, dynamic vigor and served as the “glue” to the party. Under his visionary leadership, the Congress Party has become a united voice of the poor and voiceless in the face of the media blitzkrieg of “Shining India”. She led the Congress party to win the 2004 elections and formed the government after 1991.

Sonia Gandhi, as the architect of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) with centre-left parties, helped formulate the common minimum program. There was vitriolic propaganda against his appointment as Prime Minister being of foreign origin. In a deft political move, she surprised the nation by renouncing the post of prime minister and proposed the name of Dr Manmohan Singh, a prominent economist to lift the country out of the quagmire of economic crisis. This decision silenced and shamed his opponents and saved the country from discord and distraction. In doing so, she may have lost the crown but won the hearts of the people.

However, she became President of the PAU and to implement and monitor its Common Minimum Program, the National Advisory Council with various subject matter experts was constituted and she was elected as its head. It was on his initiative and his inspiration that the UPA was able to enact several historic pieces of legislation such as the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGA), the right to education, the right to information, the right to food security and nutrition, etc. who have changed the social and political situation. middle of the country forever.

She has never lost an election since 1999 because she enjoys the trust and credibility with the people. His simplicity, sagacity, sincerity and candor won the trust of millions of congressmen and ordinary people across the country.

I have been especially fortunate to have Smt Sonia Gandhi’s blessing and guidance throughout my political career. I have enjoyed his full confidence and his unwavering support and have always strived to live up to his expectations. Millions of congressmen around the country like me have complete faith and hope in his leadership. May she be healthy and happy for many years to come!

(The writer is a former CM of Haryana and Leader of the Opposition in Haryana Legislative Assembly)

(This article first appeared in the National Herald on Sunday)

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