Star Citizen will have more activities in prison and in Kareah

More criminal activities will be available for prisoners.

In the latest episode of Inside Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games revealed new content coming to Klescher Prison as well as Kareah Security Post.

As the devs revealed in Jared Huckaby’s brief interview, Star Citizen’s Klescher Prison is getting a content refresh, which will add new missions and tasks for prisoners to shorten their sentence or earn money. while making time.

With the new prison content upgrade, you will be able to continue your criminal activities in prison by killing other NPC prisoners and looting them. Looting something valuable will help shorten your jail time, but only if you manage to get your victims’ corpses away from the guards.


Along with killing NPCs, you’ll also be able to find random loot dropping on the ground in the prison mining caves, including melee weapons. The developers haven’t revealed whether you’ll be able to kill guards with melee weapons or not.

Finally, the prison will also receive a brand new mission, through which you can contact an unknown entity in a certain part of the prison caves. If you do any task you receive from the entity, you will be generously rewarded.

By moving to the Kareah Security Post, the developers plan to expand the opportunities inside this structure to something more than clearing the CrimeStat. Kareah will be heavily guarded by Crusader Industries troops, with more turrets outside the security post to prevent unauthorized landing.

While this makes infiltrating the post much more difficult, the risk is worth it as you can find plenty of valuable loot, including special drug contrabands inside the security post. Additionally, you will still be able to hack into Kareah’s systems and clear your CrimeStat.

The interesting part of the Kareah raid is the fact that whenever a PU player decides to break into Kareah, other legitimate players on the server will be given a mission to take down the infiltrator. The reward for this mission ranges from 50K to 100K aUEC which is huge. So the Kareah raid will actually trigger a PvP opportunity for players on the server, and that’s the main focus of this improvement.

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