Sunbury’s wife continues to bring various activities to the city |

SUNBURY – Lindie Lloyd continues to help improve Sunbury and even offers her own art studio to other local artists in an effort to bring the arts to the town as a mainstay and destination for visitors.

Lloyd, 40, of Sunbury, has painted and created art most of her life and now she wants to give back to her community by offering her studio, “Studio 421” at 421 Market St., as a place to d Other artists can visit, drop off their art for people to view and/or purchase.

“I want to be able to help other people start or spread their work around the world,” she said. “We continue to see more and more artists come to the area and we are grateful for that.”

Lloyd is also very active in the community helping to organize several events throughout the year, including the Fall Festival, which is a huge draw for vendors from all over.

Last October, Lloyd held its second annual Autumn Festival, which drew 70 vendors and several thousand people to downtown Sunbury despite two cold and rainy days.

“People had a great time and got to see so many different talented people showcasing their work,” she said. “We are delighted that this event is growing in popularity every year and we are already looking forward to the 2022 event.”

Back at his studio, Lloyd continues to offer various art classes, including the popular Wine and Painting Classes, which allow people to come and work on their art while drinking wine with friends.

“It’s a relaxing evening for people,” Lloyd said. “Plus, we see so many talented people, it’s great to see.”

Lloyd previously owned the “Little Studio Big Art” studio where she also offered the same type of classes, but due to the popularity of the classes, Lloyd expanded to give others the opportunity to join.

Lloyd graduated from Shikellamy High School in 1999, then as an adult earned her bachelor’s degree in painting and graphic design, the second of which was her fallback plan if art didn’t work out for her career. she declared.

Councilor Chris Reis, who is also a board member of Sunbury Revitalization Inc., said he was pleased Lloyd was reaching out to other artists from Sunbury and beyond who visit the town more regularly. .

“I was just there this week,” he said. “Anything that can showcase the arts downtown will increase foot traffic and it’s increasing so much, which will further contribute to the growth of downtown and that’s a good thing for the city.”

Lloyd said she was happy doing what she was doing and wanted to continue mentoring budding artists.

“My favorite thing is meeting new people,” Lloyd said. “I love being part of the growing community and I think it’s a way for all of us to come together and continue to build our city to be diverse in so many ways.”

Lloyd plans to hold more art exhibitions in the coming months. An event she hosted in April drew large crowds from across the state to view the work of various artists.

“We plan to do more shows and continue to grow,” she said. “We invite people to come see us and see what we have to offer our community.”

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