Suspension of certain poultry and feathered poultry activities | Georgian times


Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) has been identified in commercial poultry farms and a backyard flock in Indiana, Kentucky and Virginia. No cases of avian influenza (AI) have been identified in commercial or domestic poultry in the state of Georgia. Please see Commercial, Backyard, & Wildlife cases in the United States (USDA APHIS) for more information on HPAI detections in the United States.

Effective immediately, all poultry and feathered poultry shows, shows, sales (flea markets, auctions), trades and get-togethers in the State of Georgia are suspended until further notice. Notifications will be announced when listed activities can resume in Georgia.

Good biosecurity practices are the best defense against AI infection and poultry producers should take the following steps to protect their flocks:

Move all poultry with outside access indoors.

Implement strict biosecurity.

Monitor herds for clinical signs consistent with AI.

With HPAI, birds may become silent, not eat or drink, have diarrhea, and have discolored combs and legs. Birds can also die suddenly without any signs of illness.

Report any concerns immediately to your veterinarian, state animal health officer, or federal animal health officer.

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